Plum Duff – 1975


supplied by Tony Davies

Phil Gill….Nice Lionels chaps

Tony Davies….L to R, Colin Baldwin, John Towner, Reg Marchant, and myself. I think it was about 1975, definitely pre “Folk at the Black Horse” album cos I still had me hippy hair. Phil, you take one pair of perfectly good Levi’s,split the seams both sides, take offcuts from worn out Levi,s or mum’s old curtains and sew said bits into the space. After several hours of swearing and cursing and fingers that resemble a pin cushion, Voila, you end up with a la mode 70’s fashion. Waist coat, courtesy of the GPO.”

Reg Duff… God! That brings back memories 🙂 this photo was taken outside my parents house in Hollington (I’m just out of shot) John also made us have a photo taken with us each holding one of my mum’s bowls and a spoon to highlight the plum duff theme! I still have the photos somewhere. reg duff.

Kev Towner… I’ve never seen this photo of Dad. Is it Sinnock Square?

Manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the resurgence in vinyl records – The Independent 27th Aug 2014

Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this.


Janine Anne Hemsley…Love vinyl night at the Jenny on Sundays x

Martin Stringer… Morning from Ireland. Interestingly enough only last week I was in the attic and went through my record collection and found original Bob Dylan albums dating back to 1963. They include ‘The Freewheelin album’ and a mint condition never been played and still in its plastic shop cover with the immortal words on it ‘The Disc Jockey, Queens Road. What do I do with all this vintage stuff. I must have about 20 rare albums up there including Poco’s first album, the bass player went on to play in the Eagles. Help. Martin

Philip Meston… I  bought some new vinyl quite recently. They sound brilliant!!

Jim Breeds… Martin “What to do with all this vintage stuff”. Cherish it 🙂


The Fabulous 6Ts – review by Mick O’Dowd


Mick O’Dowd… The Comet St Leonards-On Sea – 30th August 2014. 6T’s celebrated 28 years together last night with an excellent set. If you’ve never seen them, get away from any illusions of a 60’s pop covers band. The set included numbers by Cream, The Who and Creedence Clearwater! They put a rock twist into their set and of course their zany humour. Good turnout and well deserved applause after EVERY number (How many bands can claim that in a pub gig).  It was a good night even to the extent a neighbour complained about the noise to which the band responded by getting everybody to sing at the tops of their voices the chorus to Daydream Believer. That’s rock’n;roll!!!! They are there again on New Years Eve ,which ,in the words of Tel Corder, includes a buff-ett. They are at The Hollington Oak again soon as well. Give them a look you might be surprised.

Tony Qunta… Shame I couldn’t see them! Hopefully soon!

Mick O’Dowd… If you were intriqued by mt 6T’s review they are at The Hollington Oak on Saturday 13th September. Give ’em a whirl!