Manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the resurgence in vinyl records – The Independent 27th Aug 2014

Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this.


Janine Anne Hemsley…Love vinyl night at the Jenny on Sundays x

Martin Stringer… Morning from Ireland. Interestingly enough only last week I was in the attic and went through my record collection and found original Bob Dylan albums dating back to 1963. They include ‘The Freewheelin album’ and a mint condition never been played and still in its plastic shop cover with the immortal words on it ‘The Disc Jockey, Queens Road. What do I do with all this vintage stuff. I must have about 20 rare albums up there including Poco’s first album, the bass player went on to play in the Eagles. Help. Martin

Philip Meston… I  bought some new vinyl quite recently. They sound brilliant!!

Jim Breeds… Martin “What to do with all this vintage stuff”. Cherish it 🙂


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