Deep Purple – Made In Japan Fri 12th Sept 2014 BBC4 21.15

deep purple japan

Andy Gunton… Pity about the photo on the BBC link. It shows the wrong line up.

Terry Pack… I  have fond memories of that album, which I played until I could sing all the parts, as was (and still is) my OCD practice with any music I like. I preferred the live versions of all the songs, having heard these first. I usually got into bands via live albums: Cream, Genesis, Yes. I haven’t heard Made in Japan since about 1976. I hope it stands the test of time.

Andy Qunta… I’ve played in 3 different Deep Purple tribute bands in the last few years, and Made In Japan was the “bible” for all of them! Unbelievable stuff!

Mark Gilham… Not to be missed!

David Miller… Much as I love all the Mk II albums, Fireball is a fave of mine – No, no, no ; The Mule and especially No-one Came. Ian Paice is a very fine drummer indeed and Blackmores guitar, his feel and timing and choice of notes, scales etc still does it for me after all these years. Speaking of No, No, No – MkII rehearsing for a German TV show in 1971…primo DP, very tight indeed with RB obviously driving, in fine guitar god fettle and Paice laying down some amazing skin walloping there…Blackmore even smiles at one point…made me a little uneasy, really..

Dave Nattress… Yes, recording this programme now to watch later. I still have the “Made In Japan” “double play stereo musicassette – also gives genuine monaural reproduction” from 1972, labelled up as Purple Records – label says “Also available on 8 track cartridge” – remember these horrors!! I remember so well playing this in my Ford Cortina in a crude, first generation, poor sound quality, car cassette player with plastic speakers like little stage monitors, on the back parcel shelf, all those years ago. Then I got the 1998 double CD re-issue. The first CD has the original 7 album tracks – as the cassette, and the 2nd CD is “The Encores” – Black Night, Speed King and Lucille. It’ll be a Deep Purple weekend for me.

Chris Meachen… Excellent programme;- I’m wondering if Blackmore has a portrait of himself mouldering in some attic, however..

Terry Pack… Ray Fenwick told me  that he was always very nice to him, but that he and Gillan couldn’t stand each other. A difficult man, but a great guitar player. As Dave says above: great phrasing and note choices, and a beautiful tone. Much more interesting than most of his contemporaries. I agree with Dave Miller about Ian Paice, too. Streets ahead of most rock drummers at that time. Deep Purple No No No..  Interesting mix and camerawork! It’s nearly ALL Ritchie till the organ solo, and then it’s mostly Ritchie! Was Jon Lord very tall or was the Hammond very low?

Dave Miller… It is indeed all Ritchie – mind you, him and his hat were on top form there…as is Mr Paice who you can just tune in to for the whole song and still have a good time listening. They’re all playing well but those two stand out for me….I think Jon Lord’s wearing a fashionably low-slung Hammond….classic..great dynamics and energy…

Mike Curtis… Ritchie’s more recent stuff “Blackmore’s Night” is excellent.

Mark Gilham… Talking of Ritchie, this typifies his beautiful style.

Martyn Baker… As I recall, my teenage mind felt a good deal of remorse when Ian Gillan and Roger Glover left the band, but looking again at the next lineup with David Coverdale and the amazing Glenn Hughes I needn’t have worried.

Terry Pack… blimey! Why did they bother with Coverdale when Glenn Hughes could sing like that?

Andy Qunta… I think either Coverdale or Hughes would have done a fine job on their own, but having the two of them together, trading lines or harmonizing with each other, makes a truly awesome sound!


John Martyn in Hastings from Anna Keiller


supplied by Anna Keiller

Andy Qunta… What a character, & what an artist!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Remember him from The Lord Nelson in the 70s, lovely chap. looks like he has a black eye in the last photo.

Chris Meachen… Dear old John… Had a few amusing times with him…

Will Cornell… by all rights I should be thoroughly into this guy’s music, after all, the Fairport/Steeleye/Nick Drake etc, I love all of it….but he showed up at the college I went to in the 70s thoroughly plastered and gave a completey incoherent show and I’m afraid it colored my opinion of him forever.

Mick Knights… As I’ve mentioned before, one evening in the Nellie he was going to fill my mate in for fancying the same young lady as he did, with the words “do you know who I am!” That put me off as well.

Alan Esdaile… I knew John back in the 70’s and always found him to be a really nice guy. Amazing talent but looks like he upset a few people along the way!

Andy Qunta… Yes, John did enjoy a bevy! Actually he didn’t always look like he was enjoying it! I remember early ’77, myself & Tony Tony Qunta & Steve Kinch used to jam with Steve Stephen Demetri at Steve D’s place. One day John Martyn joined us. Apparently later he told people it was the loudest band he ever heard! What a compliment from an artist of his standing! Proud moment!

John Wilde… I spent many days and nights with John. Both at home and on the road. I did 15 gigs with him around europe. It was fun, intense and an education in getting trashed. He was great entertainment and always the loudest in the room. He had an ego the size of a planet but was capable of deep emotion. He was a unique and brilliant talent tormented by his own demons. He gave me some wonderful memories, asking me to provide artwork for his album Inside Out and letting me hang out in the studio with all the guys that played on it.
John took to Hastings and loved his time in Coburg place and the Old Town embraced his bawdy spirit.
Gawd bless yer mate.


Robert Tressell’s Trousers! – Oct 2nd 2014



supplied by Dave Arnold

Celebrating Robert Tressell’s Trousers!
Oct 2 2014 2.00pm to Oct 3rd 2014 at 12.00am. supplied by Dave Arnold.
OTHER WORDS presents a fundraising day and an evening event to celebrate a 100 years of Robert Tressell’s book The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists!! It’s time to have a memorial statue !!!With music and words from Attila the Stockbroker, Kingsize Slim, Tymon Dogg, Steve Finnerty, Mike Hatchard, Ed Boxall, Anita Jardine, Tom Cole, Ukulele David Francis, Tony Slater, Steve Peek, Nadine Ghouri and special guests!!!Starting the day 2pm in Robertson Street at a Pop Up Venue with Book Stalls, Art workshops, Talks and Song and then off to the Carlisle pub at 7pm for music and rants!!! HASTINGS makes it Happen!!!  Watch for more details!!!!! Volunteers needed!

Anyone interested in helping please contact Dave Arnold direct or messages can be passed on.

Andy Qunta… That looks like a lotta fun!

Yvonne Cleland… Looks good!