Last chance to take a photo of the old Pier Ballroom before the barge removes it, in Sept 2014.


photo taken September 2013 by Alan Esdaile

supplied by The Battle For Hastings Pier  Facebook page…..

Construction update 20th August 2014

We are almost 40% of the way through the project; labour on site is now in excess of 40 and continuing to increase. Progress has been good with the favourable weather conditions. On the Parade Extension, 62 of the 64 trusses to be replaced have been completed as well as approximately 250 deck beams. This means that we have renewed more than one third of the structure and two thirds of the decking has been renewed. On the central section 16 of the 78 trusses have been replaced with trusses and decking following on.

The refurbishment of the Bandstand Pavilion has started. A complete new support structure has been inserted beneath the building. The building has been stripped out, temporary supports are being inserted and the floor will now be removed and reconstructed. The next stage is to remove the roof and construct the new zinc roof. The jack-up barge will be arriving in early September; from this we will start the demolition of the Ballroom. It will also be used to re-instate the columns and beams at the Pier Head that were destroyed in the February storm. We expect the barge to be here for about four weeks.

The old balustrade that was removed from the East side has been shot blasted, de-salinated, and repaired. It is now going through the painting process and will be brought back to the Pier in three week time. The next significant operation will be the piling for the Visitor Centre, which is being finalised and should be carried out in September. The new steel support structure will then follow and the laminated timber building erected on top.

Mark Edir… “take away the old ballroom ” ???

Kevin Burchett….its now sitting off winchesea i think its waiting for the tide to go into rye harbour to pick up a crane and supposed to be in hastings on monday when i last looked it wasnt showing on only the tug towing it mts vulcan 2

Andre Martin…. Safest way to remove all the debris at the sea end of the Pier, and to carry out the steel workings also required to make that end safe – Simon Opie CEO Pier Trust was telling us about this part of the operation earlier in the week – fingers crossed for good weather for the next couple months


Alan Esdaile… Took these photos today 13th Sept 2014. Pier ballroom, its still their! I thought the Tardis had landed but on closer inspection its a portaloo?  It doesn’t look like any flooring under it, so hope they won’t be going straight into the sea.

Redstar Ritcher…when you gotta go…..? surely not – one man`s piss has gotta go inland – up the road to the bus-stop – along the Bexhill road and out into the sea – water companies gotta keep the shareholders happy – and a free ear-infection with every dip !

Matt Thomas… ha ha ha I had noticed that as well

Pete Fairless… I  suppose that bloody Doctor is going to claim he was at the Pistol/Hendrix/Stones/Who gigs, now?

Andre Martin… Now Now Pete – we have the ability to re-write History lol

Gary Kinch… That portaloo has got to be an improvement on the original ballroom loos.


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