Hastings Pier latest photos – 18th September 2014

10649713_730855133616693_5705990363194347280_n Pier_View

 supplied by Pete Fairless and second photo Pier webcam

Pete Fairless… ARAN250, MTS Vulcan & MTS Vector. The crane barge has arrived to remove the remains of our ballroom…

Tony Qunta…Great to see!

Robert Searle… Its lovely knowing something is being done for the pier.

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Alan Esdaile… Its still going to be sad to see the ballroom finally disappear. Many a happy evening spent on the pier, brilliant times. Anyone got any memories to post here of the pier ballroom or favourite band seen, etc?

Hastings Pier taken from the air – September 2014. By Phil Astell. 10th Sept 2014. Thanks to Kevin Burchett for finding this…

and BBC News report via Kevin Burchett…


Alan Esdaile… and here what the pier looks like today (20th Sept). This I took this afternoon.


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