Big G – 1977 punk rock. CD finally available from Amazon


with Peter Howard (Walter) on bass

Punk Rock exploded onto the London scene in 1976, but as it gained pace throughout the year its ideals were effectively emasculated as the movement’s leading lights succumbed to the allure of filthy lucre, becoming the bitches of mainstream media corporations. By 1977 the ripple effect had reached far from the epicentre to other bleak, recession hit UK cities. Places where no record company A&R staff ever ventured – the frozen wastes north of Hatfield. The heady, petroleum stench of rebellion blew over Newcastle, where Punk Rock was less of a fashion bandwagon, more of an amphetamine fuelled call to arms to discontented youth trying to survive amid the urban decay. It became a platform for alienated, socially excluded kids with no future and no fun to create their own bit of action. In the thick of it was The Big G, whose blistering live performances were a call to arms to punks around the north of England, fanning the flames of youth rebellion with their powerhouse, rocket blasted songs, street level lyrics and confrontational attitude, reminiscent of Iggy & The Stooges or The MC5. ….Kick out The Jams MuthaFuckers!. Harry Hack and The Big G were Countercultural Revolutionary, Anarcho Anti-authoritarian, Groucho Marxist, Absurdist Reactionary Yippie Punks who wanted to FUCK THE SYSTEM!! “I HATE THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE” at last showcases this remarkable band to the world. A blast of spine tingling nostalgia for those “who were there”….or a sonic white knuckle ride for anyone with no previous notion of this riotous assembly! “Just what is it you’re rebelling against Johnny?…….“What Ya Got?” was definitely the attitude. The Big G still want to FUCK THE SYSTEM, although these days are more inclined to sit back and watch while the system fucks itself!


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