Kinks – The Anthology 1964-1971 – 5CD Set released on Nov 18th 2014.


What’s your favourite track or tracks?

Alan Esdaile… Probably about 20 I really love and start it off with Sunny Afternoon.

Nick Prince… wow. I like so many. Probably just Sunny Afternoon. Also love Come Dancing, Victoria. Dave’s Stan Laurel tribute. Death of a Clown. So, so many I really like. An amazing unique sound.

Gary Kinch… The first single I bought was apeman. But My personal favourite is Lola

Mick Mepham… The Village Green Preservation Society.

Geoff Peckham… Don’t You Fret.

Nick Prince… This is a must have 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… See my friends.You really gotta have it all day & all of the night.

Chris Sambrook… There are loads of Ray Davies songs, Dead end Street, See my Friend,Tired of waiting for you,Set me free,Till the end of the day ,Waterloo Sunset.,Sunny afternoon, All or the day and all of the night the second single [i believe this was banned by the the BBC, for being suggestive] , Till the end of the day and of course You really got me. So it goes on and on and on.

John Storer… The Kinks are one of those bands who everyone thinks were much more popular in the UK than they actually were, whereas the Americans loved them. Every album they made charted in the USA (their 1983 album “State of Confusion” got to No. 12 over there), whereas their last Top 40 album here was 1967! For me, “Tired of Waiting” was their best single.

Mick O’Dowd… On a Ray Davies cd “Story Teller” he tells the story of The Kinks. He says that the break in You Rally Got Me where it sounds like “Oh No!” was actually “F… Off!” See what you think.

The Dekorators – Hastings Town football club 1983


supplied by Hastings Local Band Photos

Nastassja Kaschevsky…. This was the first Dekorators gig with this lineup, if my memory serves me right. It was a Talent competition at Hastings Town Football Club in the Summer of 1983. From L to R Steve Murphy, myself on drums, Doug Smith and Geoff Saxby. We came first and won the princely amount of £5.00!

Marquee – London – Poster with chat on Gerry Lockran & Johnny Silvo, Tony Rivers, Gary Farr & the TBones


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… This is the sort of line-up we had at the Pier and Witchdoctor one time. Oh those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end! Whoops! burst into song then. Must be the age thing.

Paul Dengate…Gerry Lockran and Johnny Silvo both played at the Black Horse Folk Club a number of times.

Joe Knight… Use to go there in 67 also up stairs down stairs i great clubs

David Kent… Gary Farr was a very fine singer and was the son of boxer Tommy Farr. GF’s “In the mud” is an old favourite of mine and I first heard it on a compilation which was called “Rock Buster”. “In the mud” featured Richard Thompson on guitar. I saw Johnny Silvo several times at The Black Horse, he was great fun.

Mick Knights… Tony rivers played the witch doctor quite a few times, they did very good beach boys covers including, I seem to remember, good vibrations.

Andre Martin… Tony Rivers was a class act, and he is still playing today and pulling the crowds.Here is one of my all time favourites of his, Another great person to work with. – watch out for next weekends blog of Bands that we’ve seen on the Pier – its Saturday 31st October 1964 in the Happy Ballroom.

Alex Chapman… Not Hastings I know! This is a Group that I started some time ago in memory of Cliff Aungier a very close friend of mine who sadly died before I moved here. He and Gerry Lockran were close friends until Gerry’s death. I have neglected to update the group, much to my shame but there are some great photos on there which some of you may enjoy seeing?

Philip John… Saw Gary Farr and The T Bones at The Marquee with Keith Emerson on organ. Even back then Emerson was beating the living daylights out of it. Exciting show.

Mick O’Dowd… I agree Dave. My fave track was( Won’t You Give Him) One More Chance on Columbia if I remember rightly

Andre Martin… From 1965 – great number that used to be played at the Witch Doctor a lot –

Mick O’Dowd… Thanx Andre Palfrey-martin. Got their cd with this on. Been in touch with Tony Rivers through his page and he confirmed my memory that Tony Rivers & The Castaways did perform Good Vibrations live on stage long before the Beach Boys attempted it. Just goes to show what a talented outfit they were and as you say they are still performing today.

Andre Martin… Yes Gary Farr was one of those great records. brings back lot of memories for me.

David Kent… Thanks Mick, I’ll check that song out.

BBC Music – BBC Music Greatest Cover Version. Results.



post suggested by Matt Thomas

Pete Fairless… Oh, we’re voting for one from their list, are we?  There are three or four, i’d vote for… Can I nominate Ruby Tuesday by Melanie or Manfred Mann Do Wah Diddy.

Andy Qunta… Here are a couple that would get my vote – Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix Experience, & Bruce Springsteen’s Blinded By The Light, by Manfred Mann’s Earthband.

Alan Esdaile… Agree with Pete, why do they give us a list, can’t we just come up with our own suggestions? From this list I love Urge Overkill – Girl You’re Be A Woman Soon.

John Wilde… Jimi Hendrix cover of Bob Dylans All along the Watchtower.

Phil Thorton… yes, what John said !

Jennie Tocock… Yes, definitely what John said!!

Yvonne Cleland… Couldn’t decide between that and Joe Cocker…

John Storer… Pretty much all the usual suspect, but really? Nirvana’s “The Man Who Sold The World”? Better than Lulu’s version? I think not! Two of my favourite’s are not on the list: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s epic version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “I’m A Man” – Chicago Transit Authority. I voted for Marvin Gaye, by the way …

Lauren Gower… Hurt by Johnny Cash x

Chris Baker… Surely the worst must be Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Capt. Kirk!

Tony May…  Cashmere – Tracks Of My Tears but of the one’s selected via the link I went with The Isley Brothers but it was a very tough choice.

Results just in….

The top 10 tracks in the vote are as follows:

Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind
Johnny Cash – Hurt
The Stranglers – Walk On By
Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower
Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends
Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
Muse – Feeling Good
Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Alan Esdaile… What this is crazy – Pet Shop Boys!

Redstar Richter… yeah – why not?

Andy Gunton… There were only 50 choices by the looks of it, hardly a complete poll.

Will Cornell… That cover of “Girl Don’t Tell Me” you posted by Tony Rivers was way better (and btw, I’d never heard of him until you posted it!)

60’s Acts at Congress Theatre – Eastbourne – Winter 2014 & Manfred Mann chat.

04/11/2014 Marty Wilde’s Rock N Roll Party – Marty Wilde, Eden Kane and John Leyton with The Wildcats
18/11/2014 Sixties Gold – Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Searchers, PJ Proby, The Fortunes, Brian Poole & Chip Hawkes.
02/12/2014. It’s The Manfreds – In Concert featuring Paul Jones & Mike d’Abo

Marty_Wilde_2014 60s_Gold_154x210 Manfreds_A3_2014_NEW_ARTWORK_SMALL

for more information…’s_On/index.asp?ID=all&enq=diary&v=WHAT’S%20ON

Mick O’Dowd… Just like taking a trip in the Tardis!

Dave Natress…If anyone wants to see a 101% top quality show, go see “The Manfreds”. Its a shame a few of this original Manfreds show line-up have retired from the show tour – but then, none of us are getting any younger but…’s a truly fabulous show. Top musicianship all round and top vocals from the true Peter Pan of Pop – Paul Jones – forget the other claimants to this title!! Paul, as some of you will surely know, is also a world class harmonica player.

Alan Esdaile… Saw the show at The White Rock Pavilion a couple of years ago and it was excellent. Had Alan Price and Maggie Bell also on the bill. Paul Jones still looks like he did in the sixties and doesn’t age.

Rontenn…I was a teenager for most of the 1960′s. I loved the music that came out in that decade whether it was from the U.K. or the U.S.A. Glad to see that there are lots of artistes from those magical years still around & still performing. Sadly many have “left the building” including two in the last couple of days Alvin Stardust & Jack Bruce. My personal top favourite of all the solo singers still around is P.J.Proby. The Beatles intoduced him to us all back in 1964. On November 6th P.J. will be 76. He’s still an amazing performer & if you get the chance to see him perform please take it. He’s up there in the same category & class as Elvis.

Rontenn…Manfred Mann were an absolute top group. I see Manfred himself has a new CD out called “Lone Arranger”. When did he leave his own group & why?

Steve Kinch… if you’re referring to the original Manfred Mann group, they split in the late 60s. If you mean MM’s Earth Band – They are still going strong. The Lone Arranger is a Manfred solo album with contributions by numerous artists and musicians, including Kris Kristofferson and members of the Earth Band.

Alan Esdaile… I think they wanted to know why Manfred Mann split in the first place. I think it was down to musical differences and he was not happy playing pop songs but maybe wrong?

Steve Kinch… Alan, that’s about right! Soon after Manfred mann (the pop group) folded Manfred formed MM’s Chapter Three, which was probably as far away from “pop” as it’s possible to get: A kind of jazz/rock outfit relying heavily on band members ability to improvise.

The New Yardbirds – Surrey University 1968


supplied by The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge Facebook page via Peter Pursglove

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge…. As you all know, bands change their name every now and then. Sometimes when they decide to change the name, tickets and posters have already been printed for a show the band is scheduled to play. This was the case on Oct. 25,1968 with The New Yardbirds. They had changed their name and were making their live concert debut at England’s Surrey University. The poster described the show as the “first big dance of the term.” In reality, it was the first concert of what many say was the greatest band in the history of Rock and Roll. (note, The New Yardbirds had already played some shows but this was the night they played under their new name.) 46 years ago tonight was the first live performance of “Led Zeppelin” with John Paul Jones , John Bonham, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Philip John… Strange but true. Way back in the day Ian Hunter auditioned for The New Yardbirds before the Mott gig came up. Fortunately for Zep they got Robert and fortunately for Mott they got Ian. Can’t help wondering what it would have been like the other way round.

Will Cornell… ….this may be an easy one, but what hit song did “The New Yardbirds” line-up (MINUS Plant) perform on 3 years before the first LZ album?

Robert Searle… Saw them when they first started ar Cooks Ferry Inn Edmonton with about 150 people there .A great night of good music.

Jack Bruce – Cream Bassist dies aged 71.


Jack Bruce  performing on the Dutch television program Fanclub in January, 1968  – Omroepvereniging VARA

The Cream. From left: Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton – General Artists Corporation (management) /Atco Records

Alan Esdaile… God, not another one. The Cream music was a very important part of my teenage years .R.I.P. Jack.

Jane Hartley… Just heard it, no more please, rip jack

Colin Norton… Sad news indeed! RIP Jack.

John Storer… Very sad news. I was only listening to the third album he did with Robin Trower a few days ago. “Seven Moons” came out in, I think, 2008 and both musicians are on top form for it. Highly recommended

Dennis Torrance… Dont know if I can take anymore bad news

Andy Qunta… Jack Bruce – one of the very best!

Sarah Harvey… Oh dear not another legendary musician! 🙁

Patrick Lewis… So sad. Great musician – Wheels of Fire a great legacy of his musicianship. RIP

Graham Belchamber… Just recently I got the remasterered Songs for a Tailorman, I remember Alan Freeman playing Theme from an Imaginary Western on Radio London many many years sgo and then buying a cassette of the album. Bedsit life with no TV in 1980! Sad news today.

Chris Sambrook… Very sad to hear about Jack Bruce. As a school boy in the mid 60′s growing up with the Yardbirds, Clapton is God and all that, Jack Bruce made the bass guitar his own. When you add to the mix of Clapton and Ginger Baker, i.e. the Cream of musicians, they became the bench mark, especially live. Crossroads became there own song written by Robert Johnson. Rest in Peace Jack Bruce.

Dave Nattress… Jack’s passing is a great loss and it’s certainly taken the shine off my Saturday night. Back in the day – 68 and 69 at school, Cream was the band. You know, when someone goes that OK, wasn’t a relative or close friend, or friend even, but was someone who was so important in your life, just because you admired their music from afar, it takes away a bit of your own life too. I always feel this. Now there goes a bit more. RIP Jack. Will be listening to my old and rather newer Cream stuff tonight. Got some good DVD’s also. Great Bass Player, Great Vocalist, Great Writer. Can here those Bass notes at the start of “Badge” right now. In fact it’s on now……

Philip John… DAMN !

Samuel Freeman… RIP jack one of the greats

Mick O’Dowd… Not a good time to be a star in your 70’s. Great loss.

Wilko Johnson cancer free

Wilko Johnson_0

Alan Esdaile…Excellent news

Samuel Freeman… Great News A great Artist Now More Music From a Great Man

Mark Gilham… Great bloke.

Patricia Landamore… Xxxxxxxxxxx:-)

Susie Prescott….  Awesome look Dean Morrison x

Simon Page…. Great news.

Chris Sambrook… Really good to hear Wilko is Cancer free. The album”Going back Home” he made with Roger Daltrey is one of the best British albums of 2014. Raw & to the point.

Clive Richardson… Brilliant News.


The Konrads & The Silhouettes Sat 24th Oct 1964 Hastings Pier by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Saturday 24th October 1964, it would be just another dance night in the Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier, with the return of two well know attractions – The Konrads and the Silhouettes – for only 5/-, I was trying to remember how much a pint was in the bar, I think that was only about 1/6d, but then wages were large. Back to the music, the Konrads were a well know group from Bromley and South London, and one of their claims to fame was that at one time in their line-up was a soon to be discovered – David Bowie, however at this time it is fairly well documented that he had moved on from being with this group. The Silhouettes, made the journey from their home ground of Portsmouth/Southampton to play Hastings Pier. Both played a mixture of Soul and Pop and would have kept the dancers busy keeping warm in the large ballroom. The press at this time make very little mention of who is going to appear in the Ballroom, or even give any clues as to have the previous weeks acts had been received, so there is little to report. The weekend would have kicked off with the Friday Night “ Ready Steady Go” on ITV – with the line up including The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, Marianne Faithfull, Sandie Shaw and Dusty Springfield – the package was presented by Keith Fordyce and Cathy McGowan. At Marine Court, the crowds making the trek to the 2nd floor – The Witch Doctor would have had another good week, with Saturday : The Cresters and The Confederates only 6/- for 7.30pm – 11.45pm. Sunday was the Blues Club, with this week Victor Brox Blues Train. [ club members only 4/-, non members 5/-] And the following Friday Dave Curtis & Tremours only 4/6d with the usual record shows filling the rest of the weeks entertainments, average price 1/6d.
Radio Caroline was gathering in popularity and there were a few new stations that had appeared over the summer months, but most were on low transmitters, so apart from Radio Luxemburg the signal strength would be weak and very flakey. Depending on the weather, one station that could be occasionally picked up was American Forces Network [AFN] being bounced from Holland to the USAF bases in East Anglia- that is where I first heard “Old Gold Retold” playing a lot of 50s numbers.
The BBC was still offering a range of musical entertainment, on Saturday this week on The Light Programme at 10.00 was Saturday Club – Brian Matthews introduced The Supremes, Ronettes, Baron Knights, Skeeter Davies, Merseybeats, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. In the afternoon on Saturday Swings – 2.00pm – Manfred Mann, The Outlaws, The Raindrops, Russ Saintly and the Nu Notes – all this introduced by Don Wardell. On Sunday – Easy Beat would have been in the capable hands of Keith Fordyce [ already done his thing with RSG on the Friday]and on the bill The Swinging Blue Jeans, Val Donnigan, Long John Baldry and The Hoochy Couchy Men and the Johnny Howard Band. Television on Saturday would have included on BBC 1 – Juke Box Jury, with David Jacobs and his panel included Sid James, Andrew Oldham [watch that name] The Marchioness of Tavistock and another unnamed guest. And a little later Jack Warner starred in Dixon of Dock Green. ITV would have shown “Thank your Lucky Stars” with Brian Matthews in the hot seat. Sunday, however was nearly always void of music programmes for the youngsters.
So there we have another history lesson of half a century ago – quite selection, interesting to see the Confederates supporting The Cresters, who I believe came from Manchester, and I can remember both Pete and Trevor saying how excellent these lads were. Till next week in the Happy Ballroom and elsewhere in the town have a good week………………..

Mick O’Dowd… Here’s The Konrads with David Bowie.


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Andy Qunta… Andre – thanks so much for all that amazing info! Took me right back!