Genesis: Together and Apart – BBC2 Sat 4th Oct 2014 – 21.15pm


A feature-length documentary about one of the most successful British bands in rock music, reuniting Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett to tell their story. The film recounts their extraordinary musical story, exploring the songwriting and the emotional highs and lows. It features previously unseen archive material and rare footage from across their entire career.

David Miller… …but how do those of us stuck out here in the US of A get to see it?

Chris Meachen… If not in the UK, you can watch it online via programmes are usually available for a week an hour after they’ve aired…

Colin Norton… BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.  I am in Texas.

Alan Esdaile… I expect someone will put it on You Tube soon after?

Andy Qunta… Looking forward to seeing this

Graham Belchamber… I  am looking forward to seeing Steve Hackett in Brighton on 22 October, his Genesis Revisited Show with a full band and big lightshow…

Gary Kinch… Supper’s Ready, the best.

Jim Hobbs… Good to be reminded of a band that created a wealth of great music.

Andy Qunta… After reading the reviews of this, by Steve Hackett, Terry Pack, Philip George Thornton & others, I’m a bit less enthusiastic, but will probably still give it a look.

Alan Esdaile… Definitely worth a watch Andy Qunta. Loved the early years with Peter Gabriel but Tony Banks wasn’t too happy.

Gary Kinch…. yes……he was a bit grumpy. I could have done without Jonathan King as well but hey ho, all part of the history I suppose.

Andy Qunta… Tony Banks is often a bit intense, but one of my 2 or 3 main influences as a musician & songwriter, so I forgive him! 😉

Steve Kinch… Many posters on Terry Pack’s page complain that so much was missing or just skimmed over! Fact is, they only had 90 minutes in which to cram so much, consequently the less significant stuff didn’t get a look in – The more significant, the bigger the slice of air time. It was nice to see them recounting episodes together. Should’ve been a 2 or 3 parter to do them justice.

Terry Pack… Strange that the Beeb chose to cram too much into 90 minutes, and to give so much of that time to Kate Mossman and Al Murray(?). Perhaps PG had little to say compared to PC and the others, but SH’s entire post Genesis career was never mentioned, which was very odd.

Phil Thornton… sadly it is all about sales figures. I think they were all interviewed together to promote the boxed set thing which seems to represent their solo work from a fairer and more ‘artistic’ viewpoint !

Terry Pack… Does the boxed set include music by all of them?

Phil Thornton… extract from a review in the Guadian – In addition to group tracks each member of the band was allowed to choose three songs from their solo recordings for this set. Collins’ solo career is represented, not surprisingly, by cuts like In The Air Tonight, and Easy Lover, his duet with Philip Bailey. Gabriel chose three gems, Solsbury Hill, Biko and Signal To Noise. Rutherford is represented, as fans might expect, by The Living Years and Over My Shoulder, plus Silent Running. Banks fans will find Red Day on Blue Street, Siren and For Awhile. Hackett, who though widely respected by his peers was the least commercially successful member of the band as a solo artist, counts in with tracks like Ace of Wands and Nomads. Given the very different paths these guys lads chose to follow outside of Genesis the offerings are, to say the least, very eclectic.


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