Shelley – The history of the happy ballroom – Sat 3rd Oct 1964 by Andre Martin


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Andre Martin… The History of the Happy Ballroom continues into October, and we are now at Saturday 3rd October 1964 – there is a mood of change taking place, and we will see more about this in the coming weeks. Back to this Saturdays offerings – Top of the Bill, Brighton Based Shelley, a name that you recognise as they were regulars and in support Earl Sheriden and the Housebreakers, again a group that had appeared many times over the months.
The Shelley, had recently changed their name and were known locally for many years as The Sabres, and if it am to be perfectly correct, were both a Eastbourne & Brighton based outfit. The line up included James Hazelden, Stuart Hinchliffe and Geoff Cooper. The type of music that they were playing was a mixture of Soul & Motown plus chart covers of both UK and US acts. They were shortly to move to Denmark and become one of the Names on the Continent, but more of that later.
Times are changing, and there is a policy of cutting prices, still only 5/- for the nights entertainment but no longer booking name attractions – watch this space.
Friday night would have started well for all the Teenagers in Hastings with Ready Steady Go, and on the schedule for 2nd October, were — John Lee Hooker –Lulu and the Luvvers –Keith Powell.
The west-end entertainment centre aka The Witch Doctor, continues to grow, and the line up for this week included – Saturday The Voodoos, shortly to go on tour with Dionne Warwick & The Isley Brothers, plus from Thank your Lucky Stars – do you remember that one on ATV with Brian Matthews as the compere – The Beat Merchants. Sunday it was the turn for the Mark Four, from the Star Club in Hamburg, and Wednesday – Thee Little Richard Show. Friday would see the Beat Chicks – so a good weeks entertainment on offer, plus the usual record shows on the other nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
That’s all to report for this week’s lessons – How much longer will “ The Happy Ballroom “ be the centre of the dance scene in the town, what is new on the horizon ? keep following my blog and you never know what might pop up !!                                                                    Andre Martin

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