The Painters – JR’s Nightclub – 1982


supplied by Jim Breed

Jim Breed… H&SL Observer, Saturday Sept. 4th, 1982. I kept a page from that edition because it has an article about RNLI history including my great grandfather.
On the other side of the page is this advert. What’s that all about then? Who were ‘The Painters’? Anyone know?

Alan Esdaile… Interesting find Jim Breeds. I expect its just to let you know that the venue has been painted but could be more cryptic then that? Anyone?

Jim Breed… It may just be that simple 🙂 But given the apostrophes I wondered if it was a reference to a band, perhaps. I only remember discos in JRs though, I think. Not that I went there very often.

Wendy Weaver… This was the old JRs and it only opened in 1982. Had some good times there. I think Joe had a band or two, possibly London bands. He reckoned the building was knocked down with all his stuff in it -strangely those lovely big fish managed to swim over to the club under the Queens complete with tank;)

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