John Lennon – 9th Oct – 74th Anniversary of his birth.

Thanks to Jon McCallion for finding this.


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Alan Esdaile….whats your favourite John Lennon track?

FlameHaired Man Doyle… Same As my sisters 🙂 Imagine jealous guy ask my dad he knows more and more fan than me lol 🙂

Matt Thomas… Woman

John Wilde… Working Class Hero

Jim Breeds… Mother

Phil Thornton… Happy birthday JL

Dave Miller… Currertly, the acoustic demo version of Strawberry Fields –

John Kingdon… There will never be anyone to match him. God bless John, you will never be forgotten.

John Wilde… Just listened to Revolution. John on it!  Gimme some Truth. Brilliant.

John Storer… Can’t decide between “Instant Karma” and “Cold Turkey” …. both brilliant tracks

Jon McCallion… Some of his old stuff is pretty good like I am a loser, any time at all, nowhere man, etc etc etc etc etc

Yvonne Cleland… Cold Turkey.

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