Road Shows/Mobile Discos from 1978 supplied by Tony May


Tony May… Here’s a new subject matter for you! As part of my research into Simon Griffiths (Carl) life I compiled the following list of Roadhows/Mobile Discos from the local paper ad’s…


Labrath Disco Roadshow
Discorama (Mik Kasey- Kris Kelly)
Bisto Disco
Disco Trax
Sex Machine Disco
Dynasound Discotheques (Andy Durrant)
Beau Disco
Chris James Music Machine


Mach 2000 Stereo Roadshow
Hi Security Disco
Mik Kasey Soundshow
Frisco Disco
Stardust Sounds Disco
Gerry Morgan Mobile Discoteque


Footloose and Fancyfree Disco
Simon James Disco
Rob Wallis Roadshow


Kelly Pound Disco Show
Tommy’s Discomania
Style 04 Disco

How sad it is to think how many mobile jocks there used to be and yet all now (pretty much) have been replaced by a laptop and a playlist. if anyone has any pics, thoughts or memories on this subject please let me know as I would love to write an article for ‘Hastings Town’ on all this…

Peter Bridger… You can add the Wipeout Roadshow to that list though I don’t think we could ever afford to advertise. I was the transport on account of having a Reliant Van!

Dawn Leaney… Silver Star Disco…. D.J s were big Baz and Allen Mills anyone remember this?

Mick O’Dowd… I should have been on the list as I was mobile during these times as well as promoting. I used Steve Fox & Labrath Roadshow for alot of gigs. Anybody know what happened to Steve?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Detroit Disco were very popular in the 70s – the DJ was Roger Gerrish, used to hire them for work socials


The Disc Jockey – Poly Bag , chat & 8 track cartridges


Pete Fisher… spent a lot of time in the listening booth on Saturday afternoons, 1968-74!

Virginia Davis…  I think I still have some of my records in the Disc Jockey bags

Jim Breeds… So do I 🙂

Nick Prince… I  like Big Al, comes to mind.

Clare Bennett… I think we all must have spent some time in there.

Alan Pepper… Can I go back in time to about 1973 and buy a dozen albums from big Al’s Disc Jockey shop ? I know which ones I’d buy – what about you ?

Kevin Towner…I spent far too many hours – and far too much money here over the years!!

Anyone remember 8 track cartridges…

A-primo-selectionsupplied by

Anyone got any photos of The Disc Jockey?  Here’s a partial shot with Wards next door. Photo by Chris Meachen.


photo by Chris Meachen 

Phil Gill…Bought my first electric guitar from the 2 Queens Road shop, a peach coloured Vox Super Ace. 27 guineas in 1969. Roger Carey and Chris Meachen will remember it. Life doesn’t get much better than a peach coloured electric guitar when you’re 13 years old.

Jane Hartley… Loved that shop, but my guitar came from Stylus, never did learn to play it!!!!!

The Hollies 50 At Fifty – 3 disc collection.


Three-Disc Collection Celebrates The 50-Year Anniversary Of The Band’s Debut Album With 50 Tracks Spanning The Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer’s Extensive Career. Includes All The Hits, Live Cuts, And One Newly Recorded Song.

Will Cornell…  have a 3 disc set (48 cuts though) already, but it lacks “King Midas. This one lacks “Long Dark Road”. Ahhhhhhhhhhh why can’t they appoint me dictator to figure the track listings on these things?