Factory – Folder 1973

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supplied by Geoff Peckham

featuring Andy Qunta, Laurie Cooksey, Tony Qunta & Jaffa Peckham.

Phil Gill….Brilliant. Bloody hippies.

Geoff Peckham… No, Phil. Just the stoned Herbert on the floor! It’s looks as though what’s happened is this: In my bewildered state I’d toppled over; they couldn’t get me up so they all got down on their haunches for the pic!!

Tony Qunta… Cheesecloth 😉

Andy Qunta….Fantastic! Well done keeping that, Jaffa!

Pete Fisher….wonderful! nice to see Kev Wood get a mention as roadie – he was also a gifted guitarist as I recall, who played with me, Roger and Bernie in Mae West, before it became a trio as Pueblo. Still have a couple of recordings.

Andy Qunta….I  remember Mae West! Great band!

Tony Court-holmes….comeback tour please

Yvonne Cleland…..And Ade! What happened to Ade?

Geoff Peckham….He called on me when I was living near Pulborough c.1979. I think he was studying at the Agricultural College near there. Lovely chap. There are a few Factory road tales featuring him!

Andre Martin…..here is an old advert I think from the late 60s


Andy Qunta….Following the comments about Ade Weaden – I actually saw him a couple of years ago. He’s been living in Canada for donkey’s years, and is in charge of the water dept in his town. He came on a golfing holiday to Palm Springs with some friends. It’s not too far from where I live so we met up for coffee at a casino about the halfway point. His hair was not so long, so I could actually see his face! Otherwise he was the same old Ade! We had a lot of fun chatting about the old days, and of course he asked after everyone! Here you go, Ade fans!


Martin Blackman…..Nice one Geoff, as a matter of interest my good friend Ade Weaden now lives in BC Canada and is coming over to the UK this summer and apparently Kev Wood is an extremely wealthy man in the Offshore Oil Industry and living in Oz

Factory reunion?

Andre Martin…..This would be a good idea for the Pier Fund ?

Andy Qunta…..I’ve been thinking for quite a while how much I would like to come over for a Factory reunion! Been talking to Tone about it quite a bit recently too! No reason why not, is the way I’m thinking! I really like Andre’s Pier Fund idea for a Factory reunion! I feel like Factory owes the Pier quite a bit for the great times we had there!

Geoff Peckham…..And hear hear to that too, mate!

Sarah Harvey…..It would be nice to do a few 70s band reunions and whilst that would not be possible in a number of cases… they could revive themselves with some of the original members and attempt some of their old stuff. It would be a unique event…. perhaps for charity? We have such a wonderful unique musical heritage in Hastings and what a way to embrace that!

Steve Kinch…..they could revive themselves with some of the original members and attempt some of their old stuff, Sarah, you make it sound so appealing!

Phil Thornton….it would be super cool to have a Factory reunion !! ( I’m sure ‘Stallion’ would want to be on the bill as well !!)

Tony Qunta….Great idea! Maybe we could have lots of Hastings bands from that era and make it into an all nighter!

Geoff Peckham…..I dunno, Tone. I like to be home by 10.30 for my cocoa! But seriously, Phil’s idea would make a great evening.

Phil Gill….This Stallion bass player is definitely up for the idea

Dennis Torrance… Saw Factory many a time on the pier jig a jig

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