Chuck Berry – Happy 88th birthday (born 18th Oct 1926)


Mick O’Dowd… What musician can say with any honesty that they had not perhaps had a teeny weeny bit of inspiration from this legend who is now 88!


Pete Fairless.. Brown Eyed Handsome Man. Love it!

Will Cornell… “Memphis” is as good a piece of poetry/story-telling in song as there ever was….and that kind of situation of a broken home on account of two separated parents is more true now than it was 50+ years ago. One of the more underrated covers of Chuck’s BEHM–the original single w Charlie McCoy’s harmonica is worth hearing too. From the magnificent Johnny Cash TV show, Waylon Jennings–not sure who’s playing that doubleneck but that fine looking lass on keyboards was the newly married Mrs Wayon, Jessi

Alan Pepper… If it wasn’t for our Chuck….. Well, you all know what I mean. Happy Birthday !!!

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