Jimi Hendrix – Pier poster for sale.

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this.


Jim Breeds… Here’s a poster we’ve seen before, but this copy is a bit special. Click through to find out more.

Anyone got a spare $20 – $30,000?


John Wilde…Whoooooaah. THIS is a Holy Relic. Where do I pilgrimage, to touch it?

Alan Esdaile… Here’s the autographs . supplied by Mick O’Dowd . We did question the Graham Nash autograph before and wondered if it was him from the Hollies or someone else?


Peter Millington…I’m not convinced that the Graham Nash signature is right. Below is his autograph from the Hollies visit to Hastings pier on 124th August 1963. I witnessed him and the rest of the original Hollies signing a publicity photograph for me and I still have it under lock and key.


supplied by Peter Millington

Alan Esdaile… It could always be a member of the road crew called Graham Nash, or someone messing around or could even been the man himself. So far no one said they saw him that night and anyone know if they were friends?

Mick O’Dowd… I handed out 12 Deep Purple business cards as I was a green manager then and thought it might create some interest in the band. It didn’t! 12 came back signed and I was really pissed off and gave them away. The only survivors that I am aware are with Pete Horton & my Sister who both refuse point blank to let them out of their sight!!!

Jim Breeds… I’ve asked Graham Nash’s Twitter account & I’ve asked his Facebook page.

Yvonne Cleland… I  was still an innocent schoolgirl when this poster was produced! My mother wouldn’t have let me anywhere near this gig hahahahahaha 🙂

John Storer… Nothing to do with Hastings but thought you might find this poster of interest as it relates to the Hendrix poster you posted a pic of. Spalding Flower Festival was effectively a carnival and always culminated in a gig at the Tulip Bulb Auction Hall. This gig was obviously a bit special! There is only one copy of this poster known to be in existence. It hangs on the office wall of local businessman Colin Ward, who kept it initially for sentimental reasons as he was a member of Sounds Force Five. The author of the definitive Hendrix biography, Charles Cross, actually flew over from the States to see it for himself when researching the book. I am aware Colin has turned down an offer of £50,000 for it Colin always says that this was the gig that started him in business. Knowing they would be supporting Hendrix, he and a friend went to Carnaby Street and bought several silk paisley shirts which he sold on the day, saying to each purchaser that it had come from Hendrix’s dressing room!


supplied by John Storer

Mick O’Dowd… What a line-up! And to think we had it good in Hastings!

Philip John… All that for a quid ! Amazing !

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