The New Yardbirds – Surrey University 1968


supplied by The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge Facebook page via Peter Pursglove

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge…. As you all know, bands change their name every now and then. Sometimes when they decide to change the name, tickets and posters have already been printed for a show the band is scheduled to play. This was the case on Oct. 25,1968 with The New Yardbirds. They had changed their name and were making their live concert debut at England’s Surrey University. The poster described the show as the “first big dance of the term.” In reality, it was the first concert of what many say was the greatest band in the history of Rock and Roll. (note, The New Yardbirds had already played some shows but this was the night they played under their new name.) 46 years ago tonight was the first live performance of “Led Zeppelin” with John Paul Jones , John Bonham, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Philip John… Strange but true. Way back in the day Ian Hunter auditioned for The New Yardbirds before the Mott gig came up. Fortunately for Zep they got Robert and fortunately for Mott they got Ian. Can’t help wondering what it would have been like the other way round.

Will Cornell… ….this may be an easy one, but what hit song did “The New Yardbirds” line-up (MINUS Plant) perform on 3 years before the first LZ album?

Robert Searle… Saw them when they first started ar Cooks Ferry Inn Edmonton with about 150 people there .A great night of good music.

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