Hat Trick – 1978 supplied by Roger Carey





Ken Copsey…..I remember seeing Roger Carey playing that bass back in the day. It always amazed me the biggest bloke playing fantastically on the smallest bass. Seeing this picture now allows me to identify it as a left handed Burns Sonic bass strung for right handed playing. I now own one myself but needless to say I can’t play it to Rogers standard!

Sarah Harvey….The Christmas Fancy Dress Ball was where I believe Hat Trick played two gigs in one evening….the first was at The Kings Head in the Old Town and later on in the evening at Ore centre. I seem to remember the band dressing up as Santa Claus that night….. my fancy dress nowadays would be rather different!

What two words are reminiscent of the 1970’s for you? by Adrian Samuel


supplied by Adrian Samuel

Adrian Samuel…. Mine are: bad haircuts or Chopper bikes?

Philip Meston… Great music!, Bruce Lee?

Neil William Michael McGuigan… light and bitter

Mick O’Dowd… Glam Rock!

John Wilde… Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, Roxy Music, Ziggy Stardust, Loon pants, Bedsit home, Far out, Too much, King Crimson, smiley face

Yvonne Cleland… Glam rock, big lapels, platform shoes, baggy trousers, The Anchor, The Nelson, Pump-House, The Lido, The Fiesta, La Boheme, Hastings Pier, High School, Hastings College, Castle Bexhill, 1976 heat, Cool man, Jethro Tull

Chris Meachen…. Bad clothes, great beer, music & fun…

Caz Simpson… This will sound like a line from Harry Potter but ‘He who cannot be named’ and my lickle boy born November 1970. x x

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Remembering Freddie Mercury – died 24th November 1991.

post suggested by John Austin



John Austin… Such a pity never got to see him or Queen down the pier, now that would have been something !

Dave Luck…  A great loss to Queen and the music industry.

Mick O’Dowd… Am I alone in not going raptures over Queen’s music? I do like some tracks but the majority don’t fire me up.

Alan Esdaile….Possibly Mick? I played the first album non stop. Of the later tracks, I love The Show Must Go On.

Jane Hartley… Just heard one that wasn’t released earlier, sorry, but there was a reason for that I’m thinking!

John Storer… Have to say I’m with Mr O’Dowd on this one … enjoyed the albums up to an including “A Night At The Opera” (but.. oh … how that has dated!) but “A Day At The Races” I found very disappointing and nothing they did afterwards held my attention

Mick Mepham… I  didn’t love them slavishly but with everything they released you just knew it was Queen. Not all bands can say that their music stands out from the crowd. May’s guitar playing and sound and Mercury’s vocal are/were very distinctive and you really knew who was coming at you! There’s only a few can say that. If I didn’t like all their songs I loved their precision, flair, musicianship and showmanship.

Yvonne Cleland… I  saw them at Earl’s Court back in the day…….

Christmas Soul Party – in aid of St Michael’s Hospice & Surviving Christmas Sat 13th December 2014.


Mike Raxworthy… In just a few weeks (Saturday December 13th) we will be putting on our charity Christmas Soul Party. This year it features The Harry Court band, Pete Prescott with his funky soul band and Soul X Press with our 15 piece Blues Bro Show. It’s at St Mary in the Castle on Hastings seafront. This year we have doubled the bar staff so the booze can flow somewhat faster than last year! Tickets are only £8.50 in advance from Hastings Tourist Information Office on the seafront in Aquilla House. On the night they are £10. All of the money raised goes to St Michaels Hospice and Surviving Christmas, two very important and worthwhile local charities, so please come along and give it your support. To date we’ve managed to raise with the help of our party people, £120,000 for these charities and some local good causes have also benefitted. Doors open at 7pm and it goes till midnight.

Robert E. Knights – Hastings Pier Manager


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….Here is a face that we all recognise from the Pier Days – When I think back, I know at the time I did not always agree with him, but he had the Pier at heart, and worked very hard at keeping it alive, and part of the town.

Mick O’Dowd…..Such a gent was Bob. He helped me alot when I promoted the Pier. One of life’s true Gents.

Mick Mepham….Exactly as I remember him. Nice guy.

Brandon Knights…..WOW ! – I’ve just discovered this site. Thats my Grandpa! – I too work in the entertainment business, he was a huge inspiration to me. I miss him &  my father dearly.


Photo from James Risbridger via West Marina To Hastings Pier Facebook page.

James Risbridger…”Bob Knights, Wedgie Benn on Hastings Pier 1979″
Bob Knights. General Manager Hastings Pier – 1950s – 1980s well known and respected in the town, Managed the Pier in its heyday

Still a better band than One Direction


From LeeAnn Diggs via Andre Martin

Andre Martin…. YES !!

Dave Luck… Once they split up, the further apart they go the better for all of us!!

Jacqueline Robbins… ..back to their old jobs

Alan Esdaile… and Banana Splits are better looking.

Julie Findlay-jones… So true.

Mark Randall… But not as a musing

Mick Mepham… … goes without saying ….

Mick Mepham rises to the challenge with stripped-pine table

Ric Hool from The Breathers set up the challenge for Mick a few months ago, to write this, after this comment….I am pretty certain I took the table to a place at the end of Seddlescombe Road, between Ponswood Road and Silver Hill traffic lights. Was there a pine stripping place there? The memory lapses between Digger and myself establishes a creative springboard, and the opportunity to prod Mick Mepham with the chorus for ‘The Stripped-Pine Table’ Stripped-pine table….Set with half-forgotten thoughts….Stripped-pine table….Set with broken knives and forks….Stripped-pine table ….With a meal of memories Go for it…Best Ric.

and Mick has delivered….


Pipes (2)


supplied by mickmepham.com

Alan Esdaile… Excellent Mick.

Mick Mepham…. Ooops sorry Ric, I rather did my own chorus ….. might be able to do another though. Cheers and all the best ….

Michele Braiden… Hair! That is all Michael Mepham

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff Mick!

Eric Cawthraw… Just listened to Mick’s Pine Table – nice one, so I’ve come up with this. I didn’t use the link on the web-site as the metre probably wouldn’t pan out!  It goes like this:

-played Mick’s ‘Stripped Pine Table’, yeah ‘Stripped Pine Table’, While I’ve got the urge and still fully able!

It gave me a buzz and set me free- To try my hand at some carpentry.

I had a pine table – it drove me quite insane, Tried to strip it back to get a good grain.

The wood, it was duff and went real spotty. For my old pine table, it was just too knotty.

I kept it for a while and carried on bravely, ‘till the effing thing got stained and covered in gravy!

Ric Hool… To Mick Mepham: I’ve got a stripped-pine table, And it put me back on my feet. Fabuloso lyricism Mick – the whole performance. Ain’t nuttin wooden bout this. On the basis of such success perhaps you’d be up for another of my challenges? Comon, it’s plec, string & tongue time…

Mick Mepham Challenge:Haiku

So this arrival

Kicks off the next adventure


Footsteps in the dark