SMART 15 – Coffee Meet report


The rain and wind did not put off another great turn out. The more people we get, its impossible to talk to everyone and find out what they are chatting about. So if anyone wishes to add anything here please do so. Among the newbies this time were Colin Bell, Terry (Johns) Hardwick and Eddy Odel. Andre talked about future ideas of connecting Pier events to bottle alley as well as a new chapter in the happy ballroom in future reviews from 50 years ago. Great to see Colin Bell after all these years, with photos from Bonitas & the Caves and various cuttings. Likewise Terry Hardwick who most people will know as dj Terry Johns. Some great photos from Roger Carey of Felix, Pueblo, Alvin Lee Ten Years After and John Hiseman’s Tempest. Lol Cooksey never fails in finding more photos, this time on the band ‘Rael‘ and a few more Factory early rehearsal photos. Eric Cawthraw was showing the Wishbone Ash New England tour programme from 1976. Chat included Beatles Day, Mott Road Crew forthcoming event at The Carlisle, Pink Floyd album, Cobweb, HiFi, Bonitas, Matt Monroe, Dusty Springfield, Tony Rivers, The Kult, Steve Maxted, Hasting Pier plans, The Hollies, Kings Country Club, Scalliwags reunion, Gentle Giant Three Friends, Factory, Stallion, Blues Art Festival, Titus, Stinger magazine, Hastings music heritage, dances at Battle memorial hall, unscupulous club owners in the seventies and bounced cheques, gigs at the Yelton Hotel, and Mick Mepham’s Stripped-pine table!

Sarah Harvey… A wonderful afternoon with some truly wonderful people at The SMART meeting on November 7th, 2014. Thank you Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason for making this all possible. 🙂 xx

Mick O’Dowd… Well done Alan. It felt like all 500 followers turned up yesterday. Could chat in a good crowd.

Mick Mepham… What Mick said Alan. (y)

Yvonne Cleland… Sounds great and I was sorry to be unable to get there this time. Next time! x

Wendy Weaver… A very enjoyable afternoon

Andy Qunta… Sounds like a great time! Would love to get to one of these shindigs one day!

Jon McCallion… Loved every minute , nice to talk to Colin after so many years, and of course every one else.

Mick O’Dowd… Come on over Andy the other 75% of the band are raring to go and the rest of us would love to catch up with you. But remember to bring some of that California Sun with you we could do with it.

Andy Qunta… I’m sure I’ll be seeing you before too long, Mick! I’ll see if they let me bring any California Sun on the plane for you! 😉

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