Hastings Pier Charity – Newsletter November 2014


Construction Update
Following on from the operations of the jack-up barge, the demolition of the old ballroom has progressed very well and the building has now been removed. The concrete slab at the front is now being broken up and should be cleared within the next week. Best Demolition are using a remote control machine with a pneumatic breaker to remove the slab safely. The demolition has gone very well and will actually be completed ahead of schedule.
Now that the Pier Head is clear, we can carry out a detail survey of the structure and make preparations for the contractor to start in December the repairs to the steel structure. The build up to the roof of the Old Pavilion is complete with insulation and waterproofing; the new zinc covering has now started. This will take about six weeks to finish, covering the main pitched roof and the two cupolas. Inside the building, the new floor structure is being built up and the structural restraints installed. We have also treated all of the existing roof timbers with a fire retardant spray which will give it some fire protection.
Elsewhere on the Pier, the repairs to the steel structure continue with new trusses and beams being installed. The spine ‘road’ to the Pier Head will be completed this month, enabling us to have full access with small vehicles. In parallel with this, we are also installing a considerable amount of bracing and tie rods below the deck to hold the structure rigid and to resist the forces of the sea.
Work over the next few weeks will continue to complete more areas of access, so that we can start the construction of the Visitor Centre early in the New Year.

Andre Martin… Should have done that with the toilets 50 years ago !

Alan Esdaile… Didn’t the toilets look worse then this!

Andre Martin… Gosh the workers are not paddling in the Gents !

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