Jimmy Ruffin – Dies aged 78

jimmy ruffin


Jane Hartley… Such sad news, my best memories from the 60’s and 70’s, motown and soul music. RIp Jimmy.

Alan Esdaile…So many happy memories with this song. Very sad news. This song will go on forever…

Stuart Moir… Shame !! lost a great singer …

John Wilde… Thank you Jimmy. You were part of the soundtrack of my youth. Farewell.

Mark Gilham… 🙁

Mick O’Dowd… Another one for that Supergroup in heaven! Farewell Is A Lonely Sound but you’re in good company.

Andy Qunta… Great singer!

Stuart Moir…. Agree with all the comments …

Jacqueline Robbins… Singing to the Broken Hearted on the other side…

John Storer… Always thought Jimmy was one of the most underrated of the Motown singers. “Brokenhearted” obviously a classic but “Farewell Is A Lonely Sound” edges it for me. Sad news indeed


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