Mick Mepham rises to the challenge with stripped-pine table

Ric Hool from The Breathers set up the challenge for Mick a few months ago, to write this, after this comment….I am pretty certain I took the table to a place at the end of Seddlescombe Road, between Ponswood Road and Silver Hill traffic lights. Was there a pine stripping place there? The memory lapses between Digger and myself establishes a creative springboard, and the opportunity to prod Mick Mepham with the chorus for ‘The Stripped-Pine Table’ Stripped-pine table….Set with half-forgotten thoughts….Stripped-pine table….Set with broken knives and forks….Stripped-pine table ….With a meal of memories Go for it…Best Ric.

and Mick has delivered….


Pipes (2)


supplied by mickmepham.com

Alan Esdaile… Excellent Mick.

Mick Mepham…. Ooops sorry Ric, I rather did my own chorus ….. might be able to do another though. Cheers and all the best ….

Michele Braiden… Hair! That is all Michael Mepham

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff Mick!

Eric Cawthraw… Just listened to Mick’s Pine Table – nice one, so I’ve come up with this. I didn’t use the link on the web-site as the metre probably wouldn’t pan out!  It goes like this:

-played Mick’s ‘Stripped Pine Table’, yeah ‘Stripped Pine Table’, While I’ve got the urge and still fully able!

It gave me a buzz and set me free- To try my hand at some carpentry.

I had a pine table – it drove me quite insane, Tried to strip it back to get a good grain.

The wood, it was duff and went real spotty. For my old pine table, it was just too knotty.

I kept it for a while and carried on bravely, ‘till the effing thing got stained and covered in gravy!

Ric Hool… To Mick Mepham: I’ve got a stripped-pine table, And it put me back on my feet. Fabuloso lyricism Mick – the whole performance. Ain’t nuttin wooden bout this. On the basis of such success perhaps you’d be up for another of my challenges? Comon, it’s plec, string & tongue time…

Mick Mepham Challenge:Haiku

So this arrival

Kicks off the next adventure


Footsteps in the dark



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