John Lennon shot on this day – 8th December 1980


Alan Esdaile…. This is a great track.

Peter Howard… On the Millenium I was back stage at Princes St in Edinburgh, seeing the new millenium in with The Bay City Rollers and a few other bands. Found myself asking the Rollers what happened, where did they go? They told me a tale of how they were in New York recording, and staying at the Dakota. They apparently bumped into John and Yoko outside the building and invited John to join them for a game of pool, there was another guy there too. Later in the bar they saw the news flashes. My comment was “you mean to say the twat had a gun , John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Bay City Rollers and he shot John??? Never heard or read it anywhere but it had the ring of truth when they told me.

Yvonne Cleland… MM does a cracking version of Working Class Hero. I’ll have to persuade him to do it for my vidcam…

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