The Rutles – who remembers the film and record?

suggested by Pete Fisher


Ralph Town… I,ve got the LP 🙂 Cheese and Onions is my fave track.Then theres the story George Harrison told of Neil Innes dressed in the Lennon white suit,during filming ouside of 3,Saville Row and loads of tourists thinking he was John,when the real George is standing there in make up getting no attention at all !!

Jim Breeds… I  have the LP too 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… Got the film & Cd so there! Great film and soundtrack

Pete Fairless… I feel good, I feel bad, I feel happy, I feel sad…

Redstar Richter… lol – got the vinyl 🙂

Jim Breeds…Rutland Weekend Television.

Chris Sambrook… Drummer Barry Wom played with a band called Patto as John Halsey in the 70′s. Was this his new direction he wanted to keep a secret. Being a former Rutle it must have been hard for him

Paul Dengate… I very much enjoyed doing the FoH mix for the Rutles at a private event locally about 10 years ago. It was rather like doing the sound for the Beatles – but not quite!

Ralph Town… George Harrisons interview of “Derek Manchester” outside “Apple” total class.

John Storer… As much as I loved Python, and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, could never forgive this lot for taking the mickey out of my beloved Beatles.