Budgie – Battle Memorial Hall 2005


supplied by Andy Baldock.

Budgie Battle001

supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Andy Baldock….came across this earlier today.Not as old as most of the stuff that appears on here,but its the best I can do

Andy Gunton….I was there too & wrote a review of the gig for the Hastings Observer.

Michael Mepham….I was there yayyyy! Burke Shelley broke 2 bass strings but didn’t have a spare. Fun though wasn’t it!  Great live band.

Bernard Jeffery….it was bloody loud lol


Andy Qunta….Great to hear Budgie kept on rockin’!

Eric Cawthraw… Having just posted the Budgie ticket reminds me of what John Lydon is reputed to have said about their gig on the Pier with Budgie, it went something like: ” Budgie were crap and we were even worse!” That is damn clever in its way. Still, respect to Mr. L, like me he is a fan of Third World War, as is Pete Townsend.

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