Disaster’s My Middle Name by Pete Prescott


Hastings Music Files July 1998

Andy Qunta… Pete – you have some of the best stories, and this is one of your best!

Geoff Peckham… We (Factory) played upstairs at Ronnie’s around the same time, Pete. One night Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers were on downstairs. Brilliant. But I wondered how much of our sound travelled downstairs. A couple of years later I saw John Williams (bizarrely) play there with my friend, Mick Bolger. There was something loud going on upstairs, unfortunately, and I realised then what Art may have had to have put up with with us that night!

Pete Prescott… I saw seen selena Jones and Stan getz there. Yeah the bands made a racket !

Chris Cozens… Set up regardless.

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