SMART Coffee Meet 17 – 23rd January 2015

The next SMART coffee meet is Friday 23rd January 2015 – 3.30pm  White Rock Hotel.

Please bring any photos, cuttings, records etc that would be interesting for others to see and please mention it to other like minded people.

You are most welcome to join us.

Yvonne Cleland… Hiya Al. Scarily busy in January but I do hope to make this one. Have a great holiday and 2015, my dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Would love to get there – and there’s a Titus gig at the Dolphin afterwards! Too much pleasure 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… I’ll Be There. I think we know a song about this don’t we children? I’ll have my hair done especially.

Andre Martin… Gerry & The Pacemakers I’ll Be There. What Hair !!!! oh your going to get the wig out from store, is that the one that we lent to Shirley for the publicity photos ????

Alan Esdaile… or could be Michael Jackson I’ll Be There!

Archie Lauchlan… Hi Alan et al, I’m hoping to do a quick bit of filming at this week’s SMART meet for my pier documentary (below). Is that ok with everyone?

Alan Esdaile… Hi Archie , I can’t see any problems but please check with everyone on the day to make sure they are happy. I look forward to seeing you.