Name the band & members?

Any idea of the name of the bands or the members? Supplied by Bertie Wiseman and featuring Paul Wiseman.


Dave Kent commented on top photo….. The guitarist is Russell Madge and the lady is Anna Maria. Russ and Anna went on to form The Mobiles who had a top ten hit with “Drowning in Berlin”. The drummer may be Eddie Smithson but I’m not sure. pretty sure That’s Russ and Anna, though, and the photo may have been taken at The Star at Normans Bay. If so, I was there. Paul Wiseman is quite a character and likeable with it.

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  1. I should say the bottom one is circa 64/65 and looks as if it was in a Youth Club. No idea about group members though. Top pic the bass guitar looks a bit like the guy from Muller? He looks familiar.


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