Edgar Froese R.I.P. – Tangerine Dream founder dies aged 70



edgar froese

John Wilde… Thank you Edgar. Have a great trip.

David Miller….To quote Edgar  – ‘There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.’. Others might say that even the address doesn’t change, just the manifestation of that spirit. Call it what and how you will, the expression of that beautiful wonderful music is timeless and shapeless and will always be with us. Much gratitude

Chris Sambrook… Rubycon was and still is a great album, i admit i haven’t heard many albums by Tangerine Dream, but for me Rubycon still sounds inspired after 40 plus years. Timeless really.

Eric Cawthraw…. I don’t have that many musical heroes, but Edgar Froese was one of them. There is always a lot to say about Kraftwerk and their contribution to ‘modern’ music and art, but Tangerine Dream were an equally exceptional Electro/Synth pioneer. I wonder if his son Jerome will rejoin T Dream. It would be a fitting tribute if he did.

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