Competition time & results – David Bowie & Queen Live Aid from Philip John


supplied by Philip John

Philip John… Competition time ! Okay, Mott was the only band Queen ever played support to so we have a connection. Got this live Aid pic from Crystal the guy who replaced me as Rogers roadie all those years ago.
The living legend is pictured just behind Mr David Bowie (Official) in the sunglasses. Now if any one’s interested enough I’d like them to post a caption to this picture. We need to know what Roger’s saying to David. The writer of the best caption judged by me,Rich, Crystal & Andy will receive a signed copy of my diary ‘You Rocked,We Rolled’ the final Mott tour written way back in ’74.

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Alan Esdaile… It could be … Keep smiling David, as they will be talking about this photo in 30 years time. or Looks like Bob’s about to bite a chunk out of Prince Charles’s shoulder.

Pete Fairless… Nah, he’s saying; “…ALMOST makes up for never having played Hastings Pier, doesn’t it, David?”

Colin Bell… Is Roger saying I think Di has spotted Camilla on backing vocals………….!

Pete Fairless…  She thought it was Camilla but, actually, it was Keef!

Eric Cawthraw… Here’s a couple for the caption comp: Roger to David: I know the band is loud – and no names, but I think a certain lady has farted!    Or: Roger: Hey David, Bob is asking His RH if he wants to join our new band, we’re changing our name from Queen to Prince. David: Nice one Rog, but I think someone else goes under that name!   Or: Roger: I think Di said to Charles that she doesn’t like Camellias parked in bowls. I have a filthy one, but not appropriate for the web-site, you’d need Private Eye’s lawyers! You could always ask John Storer for representation!

Philip John… Whoa ! over 2000 hits already + the Mott sites.. Reckon we’ll call it a day this Friday the 23rd. With so many captions to choose from and such high quality humour we thought we’d add 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes so keep the captions coming in . Should have the results on Monday.


supplied by Philip John

Matt Thomas… I think she’s wearing Harmony Hairspray – Roger to David .

Philip John… Okay, results for the captions competition.First place went to Brian Holquin whose caption truly captures the easily ruffled egos of our more sensitive stars. ( David to Roger : The one truly indispensable global icon,he said. Basically there could be no show without me.Roger: Bastard! Geldof told US the same thing.
2nd place went to Harry Moriarty, definitely got to be the basis for a tall tale there.
Roger: Don’t worry the Ziggy Stardust pants that you left in Mountain Studios are in an old Tesco bag behind the drum kit. You can pick them up later after you do your set.
And in 3rd place for a very polite English put down Christopher Turnbow.
Roger : David, would you mind bringing us some beverages ?
To Claim your prizes, either a copy of my diary ‘You Rocked We Rolled’ or a Mott Road Crew shirt as displayed here by the lovely Tessa , either send me your mailing address in a Message or e-mail it to <
I’d like to thank everyone who had a go at the caption and the four thousand + who stopped to check the photo out.



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