Demis Roussos dies aged 68


Spend many a happy hour listening to Aphrodite’s Child. Here’s one of their best…

Colin Bell… Saddened to hear of the passing of Demis Roussos today. Aphrodites’s Child were a seminal band. Their album 666 was a personal favourite, as was the single ‘It’s Five O’Clock’, I know my mate Alan (Johnny Mason) was a fan too.

Jane Hartley… Not another one, RIP Demis x

Andre Martin… Must have been the shock of the election that finished him off – RIP Big Fella !!

John Wilde… Steve Demetri turned me on to Demis.

Mick Curtis… Dubbed “the Singing Frock” by Terry Wogan

Leigh Wieland-Boys… More sad news, saw him in concert with my parents a couple of times years ago – he was great live. RIP x

Alan Mitchell… What a superb talent. One of a kind. R.I.P

Steve Cooke… Forever and ever… May the Greek gods to with you.

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