Anti Nowhere League – 1983 promo shot


PJ, Animal, Magoo, Winston and Gilly. 1983 promo photo


and on tour Mark Gilham

All photos supplied by Mark Gilham

Jon McCallion… Worked with Chris At Mastercolour In Tun Wells

Alan Esdaile… Sold loads of copies of So What/Streets Of London singles before it was withdrawn.


Motown Quiz

suggested by Mick O’Dowd


Alan Esdaile… good quiz Mick. A few guesses but still managed 17 out of 20

Peter Fairless… 16/20 for me, which is pleasing

Gary Kinch…. 14/20……….but…..if this had been a quiz about Latvian Cheese

John Storer… 16 / 20, which I also found quite pleasing … the old brain cells are not yet dead

Nigel Ford… Even I managed 16 whithout a Motown record in the house.

Alan Pepper… 17 and a bit embarrassed should do better!?! Still good fun thanks.

Alan Esdaile… Did you get 20 Mick?

Mick O’Dowd… Of course.