Did Paul Simon play The Black Horse at Telham? asks Barry Taylor

paul simon

Barry Taylor… did Paul Simon play the Black Horse At Telham does anyone know?

Stuart Huggett… He may well have, he certainly appeared to have played The New Inn in Sidley during his mid 60s troubadour days. Also the De La Warr folk festival date August 30th 1965 with: Shirley Collins, Ian Russell, Rob Edwards and Ralph Hay”.

Andy Gunton… That’s got to be worth a piece in The Stinger hasn’t it Stu? 😉

Stuart Huggett… Only the 50th anniversary this year, eh?

Alan Esdaile… Maybe a bit early Andy but might be worth going through the Bexhill phone book to see if you can find a Mrs Robinson!

Stuart Huggett… Sidley Ways To Leave Your Lover.

Andy Gunton… You Can Call Me Al(an).  If anyone has any memories of Paul Simon’s gigs at the De La Warr, or New Inn please let me or Stu know. We’re going to put together something for a future issue of The Stinger about his visit to our area. Any links etc gratefully received

Alan Esdaile… I remember Art Garfunkel being in Hastings in the 70’s. He came in Stylus Records and I sold him an album which I think was Its A Beautiful Day. He was down here to work in the studio with John Martyn.

Andy Gunton… That would make a nice little postscript Alan & I remember you telling me about that before

Alan Pepper…. Loves me like a (white) rock !

Alan Esdaile… you guys are still crazy after all these years.

Jim Breeds… Do you know if any collaboration between Martyn & Garfunkel saw the light of day?

Bob Bailey… Not that I can remember

Alan Esdaile… can’t confirm what they were working on or if any records were released together. However, often due to being on different labels and contract restrictions, some people were not credited.

Jim Breeds… Good point Alan, or credited to a fictional name like Hari Georgeson 🙂

Electro Velvet – Still In Love With You – UK Eurovision entry 2015.

What are you thoughts on this?

Martin Richter… lol – is it worth commenting (despite the bonus of 12pts from Oz)? Estonia are gonna win it !

Alan Esdaile… On first listening I think it sounds very boring but odd lot those europeans. Even odder is that Australia is in it this year. I know I pretty bad at geography but..

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Thought it was ‘ok’ . Now, if it was sung by a drag queen with a beard we might stand a chance! Lol!

Matt Thomas… There was a drag queen going into the competition to represent us but sadly La Voix didnt get much further.I quite like this,reminds me of what Ciara Emerald is doing and i love her

Karen Sweatman… Thought it was quite catchy, but, it’s all political now anyway. We could enter the most fabulous song ever written and recorded, but it still wouldn’t win.

Jim Breeds…. At least it’s not the usual pap. Not bad actually.

SMART 18 coffee meet report


Another wonderful afternoon and among the newbies this time were John Kingdon, Pete Horton, Ian Williams, Paul Dove, Jeanette Jones, Martin Stoggell & Judy Sillem. John Kingdon was kind enough to bring  along some reel to reel tapes to pass on to  Andy Clarke for his recent appeal. He also had with him a very impressive Bruce Springsteen box set and a Beatles cd set in a radio presentation box. Eric Cawthraw brought along an early Blue Oyster Cult tour programme with Japan in support. Colin Bell has found autographs of The Move and others. Paul Dove had with him some very early posters of Muller, Candy Stripe & Judas.  More great photos from Peter Millington including Henry Harvey, The Talismen and The Scratchers. Leaflets for The Beatles Day in April were handed out and chat was about Freeway, The Humperdinks,  Factory reunion, Highway, Deep Purple, Hastings Town mag, Caves gigs, Vox amps ,the Hastings wah wah pedal, The Likes Of Us, King Rod, Hastings Folk Fest & Gordon Ryder . Andre Martin mentioned the forthcoming weekend of Music Talks at The Hub 28th & 29th March including Archie Lauchlan’s preview of his soon to be released documentary on bands on the pier, the launch of a new book on Jimi Hendrix and back by popular demand Andre’s The Happy Ballroom Talk. More details will be posted here shortly.  Also look out for some more Beez Neez postings from Mick O’Dowd. This is just a small part of what I can remember, anyone else want to post what they were chatting about then feel free to do so.

Sarah Harvey… SMART Meeting March 6th, 2015. Another beautiful afternoon with such lovely people. Priceless!

Jeanette Jones… Thanks for a warm welcome Ez:) It was really great to be there & see faces from over 44 years ago. Colin I’d like to say you haven’t changed at all, but of course we all have. It was really nice to see you, you sounded the same & the connection was still there, stay well:)

Mick O’Dowd… Top marks again Alan. Nice to see more newbies coming along. Some interesting new faces. To all those newbies in waiting Get on Up & Get on Down to the next one you won’t be disappointed.

Peter Gladwish… Just imagine…….. If all these great musicians turned up with their equipment, just imagine what the band would sound like!!!

Andre Martin… Ha Ha – I would say a tad bloody loud !!

Mick O’Dowd… Think you might be wanting that bigger venue if this happens Alan!

Lucy Pappas… I’ll get there one day xx

Colin Bell… Hi Jeanette, it was lovely to see you after all this time, yes connection still there and thank you for your kind reminiscences of my late mum. Do email about the health product we discussed! Take care x

Andy Qunta… Sounds like a great time!

Paul Dove… Thanks Alan great meeting fri mate glad i finally made it. Thanks for the link to Mullers single on youtube, Had a great chat with my old mate ( not in years in time) Jon Maccallion lead singer with Muller back in 1969, will def be their at the next one,, , Dovey