Suspects – field & guitar shots.

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supplied by Karen Sweatman Was Blackman.

Karen Sweatman…. Found these other Suspects photos.  Thought you might be interested. Don’t think I’ve provided them before.

Alan Esdaile… Excellent Karen. Have not seen these before. Anyone confirm the line up was still the same, David Easton, Peter James Shaw, John Unwin, Peter Blackman, Mick Ingram?

Peter Gladwish… Line-up confirmed.

Peter Millington… Well if I didn’t know better I would have put Dave Easton down as a headmaster rather than the “wild man of pop”.

Alan Mitchell… Great picture, two Hofner Veri-thin guitars. I’ve alway’s like them.

Karen Sweatman… Mum still has Dads. Unfortunately, it is not playable anymore. Looked at getting it fixed, but will cost a fortune. It’s still lovely to look at.

Martin Richter… my silvertone looks like the one on the right – nice geetars!

Terry Pack… Is that Mick Ingram on the left?

Karen Sweatman… I believe it is

Terry Pack… Haven’t seen him since the early 1980s. I wonder where he is.

Robert Searle… Photos get better. I bet Dave got all the bookings.

Colin Fox… There’s a little bit of Buddy Holly in Dave. Ooooooh eeeeer miss’s.

Pete Shaw… Dave did exactly BT phone of course! He rode round on his Vespa and often directly into the Sidley rehearsal hall, driving round in circles wearring his hat and a silly grin! I have no idea exactly when and where these photos were taken (I was no doubt high on Tizer…) but as the band met in Bexhill mainly, I would expect there!

Karen Sweatman… The group ones were out Friston/Jevington way Peter I believe. There are a couple of Dad taken at the same time with his number one groupie – my Mum! 🙂

Pete Shaw… Thanks Karen for posting the photos…I had never seen them!

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