Reel To Reel Tapes Wanted.

Andy Clarke asks….Just a quick question as you are poss the only person I know who might be able to help. I work with special needs adults and one of the lads likes reel to reel tapes. Not to play them but to look at, touch and to spin on his fingers. We aways go to boot sales and he buys everyone he can find. He does however tend to break them and as they are getting hard to get hold of I wondered if you know anywhere we might be able to get hold of them for him? He has to pay for them himself out of his own pocket so the cheaper the better for him. It doesn’t matter if they are cine reels either.

Alan Esdaile…  Any help in the Hastings area?  All messages will be passed on.

Jim Breeds… I hope someone digitises any good stuff on them first 🙂

Andy Clarke… Big thank you to John Kingdon for the tapes, they are very much appreciated.

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