Robin Thicke Marvin Gaye Blurred lines

suggested by Wesley Magoogan


Alan Esdaile…  I like the line… there’ll be about 20,000 indie bands from the last 30 years getting extremely nervous that they’re about to hear from the Velvet Underground’s lawyer.

Jim Hobbs… Jimmy Savile (yes that one) made a comment on ‘Juke Box Jury’ in the sixties that we must be running out of ways to create original music. Maybe we have got to the point where we sample (modern word for steal) riffs or tunes from music of the past. Every tunesmith today is bombarded with music from so many sources that it must be tricky to create something that is completely fresh and new.

Jim Breeds… I remember that Saville comment well. I was horrified at the time that we might run out of new songs over the following couple of years! I expect that the Velvet’s lawyer is too worried about hearing from the lawyers of several late experimental classical composers who influenced John Cale and subsequently, Lou Reed. 😉

Carol Bolton… The Scissor Sisters took plagiarism to new heights, but they done it with style.

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