Happy Birthday to Ry Cooder. 15th March 1947

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ry cooder

Mark Gilham.. Always loved Cooder and adopted his unique tuning many years ago.

Peter Howard… Guitar God

Gary Kinch… A favourite Nelson track was his version of He’ll have to go. A great arrangement IMO. The addition of the squeeze box thingy was inspirational. This song was originally made famous by Jim Reeves…..My Dad had a reel to reel with a collection of country tracks on, if memory serves the Jim Reeves version was one of them.

Will Cornell… One of the most embarrassing moments in my music biz career–for someone other than me but I was there–was meeting a fellow named Billy Brown in the 70s while I worked at WWVA’s Jamboree USA (like the Opry, live C&W show on Sat. nights). He recorded “He’ll Have to Go” first. Reeves learned the song from Brown’s version. Difference; Reeves went an octave lower on the line “way down low”, which Brown failed to do. Brown sang his version live some 15 yrs later, on the air that night in front of the Jamboree crowd. Then he went into the studio after the show and had an interview on the air with my friend who was the late night DJ. He was claiming true greatness by singing the song the way the writers intended, and said Reeves’ version strayed. Well, Brown didn’t die in a plane crash so Brown could’ve at least quit his jealousy over Reeves’ success. Pretty sad to go thru life with that your biggest accomplishment. After the interview, Brown left the offices and my friend turned to me without saying a word, just shaking his head clicking his tongue.

Jeanette Steve Jones… Ry also did a lot of work in Cuba to show case the unique sound of Beuno Vista Social Club which caused him real problems in the US of A


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