Factory reunion update by Andy Qunta

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photo – Factory rehearsing in France March 2015 – supplied by Factory


© Factory.  Factory Rock France. Reunion gig photos.

Andy Qunta… I’ve been in quite a few bands in my time, mostly really good, and some quite successful, but none have been as close to my heart as Factory, the band I was in back in the ’70’s. We played all over the UK & Europe, sharing the stage with many top bands of the day. Roger Daltrey of The Who invited us to his studio several times, & came and saw us play live, so we must have been pretty good! We’re now working on a reunion gig, and maybe more, this summer. It’s slightly complicated as I live in California and the other three band members (one of whom is my brother, Tony) are in England, but I’m going over to rehearse with them for a couple of weeks next month! Exciting!

Phil Thornton… cant wait to hear FACTORY !!!!

Colin Norton… You will have a lot of fun!

Terry Pack… It’s been a while, Andy. Having heard you as a group back in 1974, and having worked with you, Tony and Geoff at various times over the past 36 years, I can’t wait to hear the four of you back together again.

Steve Cooke… Missed you first time around, I was working away in various musical guises. I’ll not miss you this time though!

John Wilde… We want Factory to christen the refurbished Hastings pier! Rock on guys. This is great news. Best wishes.

Mick O’Dowd… Totally with you on that one John.

Martyn Baker… Stay in touch. We’ll make a film of it. www.yougig.co

Andy Qunta… Just saw your YouGig promo video, Martyn – most impressive!

Pete Prescott… When I was in the London pub circuit with Village in the 70’s I often saw Factory posters and played at venues just before or after you. Wish I had seen the original band. Hope I see you when your over.

Andy Qunta… Hope to see you too, Pete! How funny you saw Factory posters but not the band! With a bit of luck you’ll have a chance to see the band soon, and see if they’re better than the posters! 😉

Factory… Hi Factory followers! Latest update – Andy’s going over to the UK the week after next, to meet up with the other members of Factory, Tony, Laurie & Jaffa, for the first full 4-piece Factory rehearsal since the mid-’70’s! Rehearsals will be at a secret location in France! Hope to be able to announce information about our reunion gig before too long! Exciting times! Cheers!

Terry Pack…Looking forward to hearing you all soon.

Dennis Torrance… Remember seeing Factory on pier did a good cover of jig a jig by a group early 7os called east of eden could be wrong but enjoyed the group factory when I saw them play.  Look forward to your gig Geoff.

Geoff Peckham… Jig-a-Jig’s on our ‘to do’ list, Dennis.

Factory… We’re going to be rehearsing in a secret location in France, from March 14th -20th. On the 20th we’re doing a warm-up gig! As it says on the poster, returning 45 years after our 1st appearance, and now in colour! We can’t wait! Yeah, Factory!

Dave Nattress… Trust you’ll record the LIVE album this time round!!

Yvonne Cleland… Photo great to see, and don’t you all look well! x

Pete Prescott… Legends !

Lol Cooksey… Our Factory rehearsals are going fantastically, 40 years wiped away just like that.

Sarah Harvey… You four haven’t changed a bit! Still all very handsome lads! xx

Factory… Our reunion warm-up gig went very well on Friday night! We played at Le Famous Knight in Couptrain, France, near where we were rehearsing. Looking forward to doing more gigs, now that we know we can still do it! Cheers All!

Paul Sleet… looking forward to seeing you again.

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