Johnnie Walker’s Top 10 70s Tunes.

post suggested by Jim Breeds.



Jim Breeds… I love this man’s Sunday afternoon Sounds of the Seventies radio 2 show, but I don’t think this is a particularly strong list? On the other hand I guess we’d all pick a list that means something to us but not necessarily to others.

Patrick Lewis… Not a bad selection but like most 70’s music fans I could do at least two alternative lists if not more.

Jim Breeds…. Yes Pat, it would depend on which day I was asked, I suspect!

Alan Esdaile… I also really like Johnny Walker. I remember his records of the week were always ones I loved. The problem with this list Jim is they are all great songs but they have all been over played.

Jim Breeds…  Good point Alan! Maybe that’s why it didn’t particularly connect with me.

Jane Hartley… I like most of his list, but mine would probably be concentrated on early 70’s. As you say, it would change on my mood, but would still mean something to me personally!

Andre Martin… I remember him back when he first started with the Pirates and how he stayed with them for a long while after the MOA came into being. He is the one person who could ever replace Brian Matthews as somebody who know and loves his music. Great to hear him still going well on his 70s show.

Jane Hartley… Too true, I think he did it when Brian was off for a while.

Andre Martin… Yes a few years back, he also stood in for the breakfast show for a while Mon -Fri and he was just great, that has to be some 6/7 years ago when I used to Drive to Lewes in the early morning.

Colin Bell… It was listening to JW on Caroline that first made me want to be a dj. He played ‘Say You Don’t Mind’ by Denny Laine 3 times in a row because he loved it so much! (its my all time favourite single) You wouldn’t get freedom like that on the radio nowadays! Long may he continue.

Andre Martin… I can top this and I know that CB will laugh, DorisTroy great Hit Ill do Anything, he played on Caroline I think it was non-stop for over an hour one Sunday Morning, that was pure heaven for a while, then it became just a little too much even for a devoted fan !!

Colin Bell… Yes that made me smile Andre! All JW needs is to add Alan’s old favourite Chris Farlowe singing ‘Handbag and Gladrags to Denny Laine and Doris Troy and he’s got a 2 hour show!………..

Andre Martin… That would be a classic, how about Chris Farlowe dueting with the writer Mike D’abo !!

Jim Breeds… Who remembers “Pop The Question” on Radio 1 on his lunchtime shows?


The Happy Ballroom & more April 3rd 1965 By Andre Martin

Andre Martin… The Easter eggs have started to fill the shops, so we have a short while now before Easter. In the Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier, it’s some more down time, no bands/entertainments have been booked for this week, and the papers do not say that there is any refurbishment work taking place, so the flashing lights are off on the roof of the Ballroom. I remember this weekend very well as at the Witch Doctor, the Saturday night top of the Bill are UNIT FOUR + TWO and in support from Manchester we have the popular Fitzn’ Starts. Sunday Club this week has another visit from The Stormville Shakers. And on Friday night we have the first visit of The Boomerangs. The rest of the week it was Big Disc Session with our youthful team of popular DJs.
Friday Nights – Ready Steady Go was a nonstop entertainment, with this week The Artwoods “Sweet Mary”, Donovan, Tom Jones “ Not Unusual”, The Kinks “ Everybody Gonna be Happy”, Manfred Mann “ God on my side” featuring Big Jim Sullivan on guitar – {he was one of the most busy session guitarists in the business at the time} The Roulettes, Dionne Warwick and Zoot Moneys Big Roll Band – leading the show Cathy and Keith, so that would have been an excellent way to start the weekend. The weekend would have been well covered by the BBC Light Programme. Saturday Club {10.00am}Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, Marianne Faithfull, The Swingle Singers from Holland, Bobby Vee, Them, Betty Smith Quintet and The Mike Leader Orchestra { that is a name that we would get to know at the start of the 70s – I will give you a clue –Bell Records and Paul Raven}. In the afternoon at 2.00pm Saturday Swings – Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Terry Burton, Bobbie Britton and “ some swinging discs” played by Bruce Wyndham. This was followed by Top Gear {4.00pm} with Brian Matthews plus Manfred Mann, Dave Berry & The Cruisers. Followed by Round About 65 – News, Views and the best records around with Colin Hamilton. Sundays main features would have been Easy Beat {10.31am}Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, The Overlanders, Wout Steenhuis, Janie Marden with the Johnny Howard Band. Keeping order would have been Keith Fordyce. 12.noon Two Way Family Favourites – linking UK via London and BAOR via Cologne. Alan Freeman would have popped up as usual at 4.00pm with Top of the Pops. Television that weekend would have been busy on Saturday Lunchtime with the University Boat Race, Cambridge or Oxford – which did you support? Oxford was always my choice because of family connections. %.00pm with be the weekly appearance of David Jacobs with Juke Box Jury – this week’s panel – Catherine Boyle, Adam Faith, Sue Lloyd and David Tomlinson. Later that evening we had the Billy Cotton Band Show, featuring guests Petula Clark & The Seekers. One of the high points for Sunday afternoon TV would have been “Captain Pugwash”, which was a seafaring cartoon produced from an artiste who lived in Rye. If you ever get to see any of these classic shorts listen very carefully to the script!! I will say no more. Independent TV that weekend – Thank You Lucky Stars – Brian Matthews with The Animals, Peter & Gordon, The Beatles, The Drifters, Tom Jones { shortly before his visit to the Happy Ballroom – shush keep that under your hat} Mike Preston and Dionne Warwick. And doing all the adding up, Janice “I’ll give it Five“Nicholls. There we have the weekend before Easter in the Happy Ballroom and other attractions that we all followed – so what is going to happen? Wait till next week for more details. Until then enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend, lots happening in the town and around, fingers crossed for good weather.     Andre Palfrey-Martin © 2015

Mick O’Dowd… Another classic report. Thanks Andre.

The Scratchers -1997 and 2004


supplied by  Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present Facebook page.

Peter Millington… (photo 1) The original SCRATCHERS taken at the Fisherman’s Institute in about 1997/8 L-R Kirk Ronchetti, Nigel Davies, Dermot Murphy, Paul Burton, Chris Sayer (in front)

Peter Millington….. (photo 2) A “fun” group – Kirk Ronchetti (Drums) Dermot Murphy (Bass) Ian Williams (Lead Guitar) Paul Burton (Lead Rhythm) Peter Millington (Rhythm).

Joe Knight….GREAT PHOTO!!!

Barry Newton….I remember Kirk from King Rod days many moons ago

Robert Searle… All these great pictures.

Steve Murphy… My rock & roll pop’s

Susie Prescott… The lovely Dermot!! xx