John Storer R.I.P.

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Very sad news, John Storer passed away last Friday after a short illness. Much loved  with many friends in this group.  It was always a joy to read and share his many happy memories.  My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. His brother Gary,  can be contacted at

Phil Gill… Oh that’s very sad news indeed. I’m extremely sorry to hear it.

Andy Qunta… Sorry to hear that, Alan. Rip John!

Sarah Harvey…  I am so deeply sadenned by this news. I had some wonderful times with John in my younger years. He will remain in my fondest memories forever. Rest in peace John xxx

Lucy Pappas… Oh no! I can’t believe it. After 40 years not seeing each other, some of you will know that we were recently in touch again. He told me of his wonderful family who will miss him so much. Such sad news. RIP John xxx

Terry Huggins… Blimey I can remember him as a kid.

Chris Meachen… Seems like just the other day we were all enjoying sharing his memories;- John was a classmate at school for many years, & I’m truly saddened by this news..

Andre Martin… Sad news whenever anybody passes away RIP John.

Peter Thomson… I shared many good times with John when younger. Fond memories. Very sad news.

Colin Norton… RIP John.

Colin Bell… I didn’t know John, but I enjoyed reading his comments on here. A sad loss R.I.P.

Tony (Anthony) Davis… I used to work with John for many years and he was always up for a discussion about anything musical. He was a guy who always had a smile on his face and time for others. Mine and Claire’s sympathy go out to his family.

Sarah Harvey… I recall one of the many evenings at John’s house….. we spent one evening playing cards, chatting and listening to albums, 1973 I think…. one of the albums was Queen’s first album. I was still living at home and my parents told me to be home by midnight. No watch, no clocks….. it was a great evening. I said to John, I really need to be getting home (on my pushbike) because I had to get home by midnight. It was one of those ‘Only Fools and Horses’ moments….. I put my coat on and opened the door….. it was light outside. With the curtains closed, the music playing and the lights on and engrossed in cards and chat…. we hadn’t noticed time passing…. it was 4.30am. John burst out laughing although I was rather concerned what my parents might think. I must have overtaken about 4 milk floats on my cycle from Montgomery Road to Downs Road! What great times I had with John! He remains close to my heart! xx

Peter Thomson… John, Graham Barrett and myself went to see Dr Feelgood at the Congress. Stupendous gig at the height of the band’s popularity, and we got suitably inebriated during the evening. The late train home was one of those things with sealed carriages and ours, predictably, had no loo. John was busting and couldn’t manage to get it through the window, so someone suggested he did it in the ash tray(!) – I can remember piss and fagends flying everywhere. John had started so he had to finish while Graham and myself nearly wet ourselves at the spectacle unfolding before us. What a laugh and, shit, I’m the only one left…

Eric Cawthraw… I’ve only just got back from Italy, so this is the first opportunity I’ve had to pay tribute to John Storer – one of my oldest and dearest friends – as is his wife Jo. Alan, I know you were tormented as to whether to phone me on the first day of my holiday – but you did the right thing, yes I needed to know and my thanks goes to you for the sympathetic way you broke the news.  It is nearly 28 years since John and Jo moved to Lincolnshire and John made his career move from the Magisterial Service to become a solicitor. Despite the years, we always kept in touch – the odd e-mail, phone call and Christmas card. My wife Maggie and I introduced Jo to John – so you could say we played an important part in his life – as over the years he has done to Maggie and me. John’s birthday was 5th May, mine is the 12th, as is my brother-in laws, so the 3 of us would have a fair old bash with a shared celebration – you know the sort of thing – vol-au-vents and sherry!  John’s health had not been the best for a number of years – ever since he got stabbed about 20 years ago. Some of you may now the story but I’ll tell it anyway; the solicitors’ office was about to close – I think it was for lunch, a complete stranger was at the door and asked for legal advise. John was the only one around, so instead of turning him away to close, he invited him in. John turned around to lead him upstairs and got stabbed in the back! The incident made the BBC national news and was prominently featured in the national papers at the time. It was just a random attack!  Ever since this incident, he had recurring bouts of ill health, so when he felt unwell, about a month ago, he thought it was the same old thing – but it wasn’t and turned out to be advanced cancer! John’s passing was still a great shock – as it was all so quick, he didn’t even get time to start chemo!  John had a sharp mind, a great wit and a passion for music – from prog to punk and many a style in between and very knowledgeable on the subject as well. We went to many a gig and party together, but it was the all-night mah-jong sessions with the rest of the crew that really stand out with.  There is only one story I’ll tell here about John. It was a party at Malcolm Hutchisons in Roosevelt Court, the usual sort of thing, ales and wine flowing – I seem to remember Motorhead and Gracious belting out. It was quite a riotous night and as often, people crashed out on furniture, kitchen appliances bog-seats etc. The point was, that by later the following morning everybody had gone – apart from John…… he was totally flaked out in the middle of the lounge carpet, not a small landmark by any means! And here’s the best bit – the following morning, Malc’s mum continued with her ritual of daily housework and vacuumed the lounge carpet and just hoovered around him – and there he stayed! It just showed his enjoyment of life – well while conscious anyway. Ultimately, we are all influenced by our close friends and loved ones – it makes us who we are and  I will always have many a fond memory of John, but knowing he is not around is still like having part of you wrenched away.  I have spoken at length with Jo and also asked her if it is OK for me to mention the charity that John wanted donations to go to and Jo thinks it a good idea, so here are the details:

Funds should be sent to: Carr Funeral Service, 2 Spilsby Road, Boston, Lincs. PE21 9DA. Payment in favour of: St. Barnabas Hospice.  The funeral service is for relatives only.


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  1. I used to work with John for many years and he was always up for a discussion about anything musical. He was a guy who always had a smile on his face and time for others. Mine and Claire’s sympathy go out to his family.


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