What’s your first sheet music book?

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Geoff Peckham…  had the Beatles song book too but the price on it was something like 19/6. Strawberry Fields wasn’t my first sheet music piece, but significant today as I’m going to play it at last tonight with Factrio!


supplied by Geoff Peckham

David Miller… I used to have a lot of those “Learn to play Beatle songs on guitar” books from back in the 60’s when I was doing just that. Although they’ve gone the way of all things I do have, just for you Fab Fans to scream over, a 1963 fan club souvenir book/magazine filled with pics and intereviews with the lads – it is so of that time, early 60’s – it’s such a blast. On a related note, in the 90’s I went to a BeatleFest in Chicago where Astrid Kirchherr (Klaus Voorman and the Stuart Sutcliffe’s girlfriend and excellent photographer who hung out with took all those great Hamburg photo’s of the pre-fab Fabs) was talking and promoting her new photo collection book. I went to the ‘meet and signing’ event later and brought her this book to sign. The promoters didn’t want to let me bring it to her for that but I wasn’t having any of that and did anyway. She took time out for a while and went through it looking at all the pictures in detail and just revisited that time, saying how young and (relatively) innocent they all were back then. It was a lovely little visit, she did sign this book and – I got hang with someone who loved a Beatle, was loved by The Beatles, such a big part of their history and, whats more, is a very fine artist in her own right. For someone as steeped in Beatle history as what I am, this was very poignant and special indeed. I’m going to go scream now…..


supplied by David Miller

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