K-Tel Record Selector and The Record Vacuum. Who had one of these?

post suggested by Jim Breeds



Jim Breeds…I still have a couple of K-Tel label LPs. I had one of these record selectors – I think someone bought me one for Christmas. It was crap. Everytime you flicked the records it fell over.

Jane Hartley… Think I do too!

Alan Esdaile… What about this Jim?

Jim Breeds… Good grief Alan! What could possibly go wrong with that!? I think I’ll stick with laying all my LPs out on the drive every few months and running my Dyson over them!

Jim Hobbs… K-TEL = guaranteed crap. They were consistent, everything they sold was rubbish!

Michael Wilson… My older brother did. He used to keep his Beach Boys and Elvis LOS in it. When he used to flick through the albums the record sector would topple of the stereogram

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