Expandis – Dungeons and Dragons


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Here’s another one for Expandis people. Probably recorded at The Expandibubble in Bexhill. Not sure wether it saw the light of day but i’m sure John Alexander Wilde can put us right.

John Wilde… Yes Mick this was a project that Phil and David were involved in. It eventualy made it to vinyl and the finished product was frankly a bit of a masterpiece.

David Miller…. This was released as First Quest – The Music and here’s a blog on it to which, if you scroll down to the bottom, I give, in my nom-de-bog of spiggman, some background on it all. http://blogonomicon.blogspot.com/…/album-first-quest… Here’s a YouTube excerpt from the album. The first face you see come up is that of Valentine Dyall who, among other things, would take part in some of the Goon Show radio events back in the 50’s. I remembered him from those days and had him contacted and brought out of retirement to do the between-tracks dialogue for the album. Alas, I wrote some of the most self-consciously cheesey and trite sword-and-sorcery dialogue for him and I still apologise to him abnd his memory even to this day. He apparently was pleased to be remembered and paid so hopefully that was something of a balm to this indignity….



Lindisfarne & The Strawbs – White Rock Theatre 1993

lindisfarne lindisfarne

ticket supplied by Iain Cobby

Alan Esdaile… Always loved Lady Eleanor

Colin Norton… Always loved that track!

Clifford Rose… Great concert. I liked the way Lindisfarne made the stage resemble a public bar. Strawbs were good as well!

Tony Davis… Saw the Strawbs at the White Rock recently when they were there with the Carl Palmer Band & Wishbone Ash. It amazes how strong Dave Cousins voice still is.

Tales From The Tour Bus: Rock n Roll On The Road. BBC4.



source BBC : Rock legend and tour bus aficionado Rick Wakeman takes us on a time-travelling trip through the decades in this first-hand account of rockers on the road from the late 1950s to the 80s and beyond.
It’s an often bumpy and sometimes sleepless ride down the A roads and motorways of the UK during the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll touring – a secret history of transport cafes, transit vans, B&Bs, sleepless roadies and of loved ones left at home or, on one occasion, by the roadside. And it’s also a secret history of audiences both good and bad, and the gigs themselves – from the early variety package to the head clubs, the stadiums and the pubs.
This is life in the British fast lane as told by Rick and the bands themselves, a film about the very lifeblood of the rock ‘n’ roll wagon train. With members of Dr Feelgood, Suzi Quatro, the Shadows, the Pretty Things, Fairport Convention, Happy Mondays, Aswad, Girlschool, the Damned and many more.

Mark Gilham… Just love Rick Wakeman

Neil Steadman… Thanks Alan. We will tune in!

Perri Ann Haste… Cheers for the heads up – will record this 🙂

Jim Breeds… Looks good – Rick has a wicked sense of humour. His Twitter is worth following.

Alan Esdaile… Excellent programme really enjoyed it. Great to see Sonja Kristina, also Brian Bennett from the Shadows on Bexhill Station.

Dennis Torrance… That was good to watch yes yes yes

Jim Hobbs… Great and Rick was the perfect choice to narrate this story of life on the road.


Village with Pete Prescott – 1974/75


img129 img130

all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott….my first band.i joined in Sep 72 and left in Sep 77.the main photo is after a gig at sittingbourne around 73.my hair was like miss piggy’s.we were on the London pub circuit from 74 till 77.played all the London venues.did the 100 club with the stranglers in 76.played all over England.wrote a lot of songs.still got the tapes.i had a 26 inch waist.you could play a tune on my rib cage.very young and very naive.had the most wonderful time.we were all like brothers.the one with the long blond hair is Andy holiday.he does the p.a. at beatles day.he had that laugh even then ! when the band finished in 77 i came down to Hastings to see my girlfriends parents with her one weekend.i auditioned for a band (went along as a kind of practice for the London auditions) it was steppin out with tich turner wes and roger hubbard.i was living in Hastings by the end of the year. Now that mic stand is well dodgy.the one i have now (i have had it since the lost boys started in 89 is the same make) its had new legs and feet ! the jeans were from kensington market (as was the jacket ) i had boots with 5 inch heels ! I thought i looked the dogs bollocks. . . sadly i looked daft and could hardly walk ! ah youth !

Mick Mepham… Who’s the guy on the left with the hair …..???? I’m catching you up Pete….


Village at The Brecknock 1976. Melody Maker cutting supplied by Iain Cobby.

Andy Qunta… Great find!