Expandis – Dungeons and Dragons


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Here’s another one for Expandis people. Probably recorded at The Expandibubble in Bexhill. Not sure wether it saw the light of day but i’m sure John Alexander Wilde can put us right.

John Wilde… Yes Mick this was a project that Phil and David were involved in. It eventualy made it to vinyl and the finished product was frankly a bit of a masterpiece.

David Miller…. This was released as First Quest – The Music and here’s a blog on it to which, if you scroll down to the bottom, I give, in my nom-de-bog of spiggman, some background on it all. http://blogonomicon.blogspot.com/…/album-first-quest… Here’s a YouTube excerpt from the album. The first face you see come up is that of Valentine Dyall who, among other things, would take part in some of the Goon Show radio events back in the 50’s. I remembered him from those days and had him contacted and brought out of retirement to do the between-tracks dialogue for the album. Alas, I wrote some of the most self-consciously cheesey and trite sword-and-sorcery dialogue for him and I still apologise to him abnd his memory even to this day. He apparently was pleased to be remembered and paid so hopefully that was something of a balm to this indignity….



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