The EIP Laser Turntable plays records without touching – Decoded Magazine

Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this.


Peter Brazier… $15,000 I’ll Wait Till It Goes Down In Price And All The Bad Bits Have Been Worked Out lol!

Will Cornell… They had these 25 years ago and the price was obscene then. I doubt waiting for the price to drop will help.

Yvonne Cleland… We have a laser disc player and a large collection of laser discs from the first time around at Bexhill Museum.

Will Cornell… 12″ Laser discs that mostly had movies were very big in Asia–much more than NAmerican and European markets. I remember an HMV or Tower in Hong Kong that had multiple floors and one whole floor dedicated to the 12″ Laser discs–and mostly for sale, they had no rental market like VHS and Beta here in the US. This turntable above reads standard standard vinyl LPs…and they had some similar players back in the late 80s…I remember reviews in Stereo Review and classified ads in the back selling them. I called their toll free number to see what they cost–which was more than a car at the time. No thanks….

Ralph Town… I want one!!

Tony Davis Disc Jockey Merlins Music Box – Hastings Pier early 70’s

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supplied by Claire Davis

Tony Davis… pictures of me djing on the pier in about 1971 these were EF student Mondays and I think this was a series of gigs done by Merlins music box Tony Anthony Davis

Alan Esdaile… Tony was a very popular disc jockey and people here will remember him from djing at The Astral Club, Golden Hind, The Crypt and various other venues. The Astral Club was opposite the Disc Jockey Record Shop. Also was the Pam Dor and Toffs. I think I remember him playing Burundi Steiphenson Black a lot?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I remember Tony Davis from the Astral & Golden Hind – great DJ!

Kevin Burchett… I remember him to.

Jeanette Steve Jones n Jones… Cross the road neighbour. Hi Tony:)

Alan Pepper… I vaguely remember that ! Burundi was an instrumental right ?
Did he also play Image instrumental too ? Alan Haven ?? Happy days !!!

Susie Prescott… I know Tony Davis but after his dj days. Heard about them though.

Tony Davis… As Iain Cobby hinted on a previous post after over 30 years I am coming out of retirement and have a show on Hastings Rock Radio Station. I will be on air on Saturday 2 May 2015 between 3pm and 6pm. on 87.7fm. Really looking forward to getting behind a microphone again. I hope someone, other than my family listens.

Susie Prescott… The whole of Hastings will be listening!

Tony Davis… Thanks to everyone for their messages of support during my show on Saturday and since. Happy to say I’ll be on Hastings Rock each Saturday in May 2015 between 3 and 6pm.


The Happy Ballroom & more. 1st May 1965 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

This is another quiet weekend in The Happy Ballroom – nothing booked to appear – perhaps because of the excitement that was caused last week with the Tom Jones Show, time will tell, the press gave the show a good write-up and I have attached with this blog, just what they said. Its Saturday 1st May 1965, and it’s not a Bank Holiday Weekend, as the May Day would not be introduced until 1978.
The weekend had started off with Ready Steady Go, and this week top of the bill was Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, also on the show was Beatrice Redding, with Cathy and Keith at the helm.
Our other main entertainment venue in the town, The Witch Doctor, was also recovering from the great Friday Night when Van Morrison & Them appeared. Saturday’s double bill would this week feature a couple of favourites in the club Christians Crusaders + The Prophets. Sunday Club The Mark Four, Records Monday to Thursday, with the local lads, and Friday night The Mystics.
BBC Radio was offering a good selection, with Saturday Club – Brian Matthews introducing –P.J.Proby, Cilla Black, The Searchers, Roger Miller, The Zombies, Sounds Incorporated and John Mayalls Bluebreakers. Later in the day Saturday swings introduced The Migil Five, Mary May The Checkmates and The Dalys. Brian Matthews was back at 4.00pm with Top Gear, and this week it was the turn of Tom Jones & The Squires, Doris Troy and The Tommy Sands Orchestra.
Sunday morning it was Easy Beat with The Rockin Berries, Lulu & The Luvvers, Wout Steenhuis and the Johnny Howard Band.
Pop music Television over the weekend would include – Thank Your Lucky Stars, with Brian Matthews and his guests – The Merseybeats, Sounds Incorporated, Cilla Black and Julie Grant. Juke Box Jury in the capable hands of David Jacobs had as his guests : Chris Andrews, Dora Bryan, Dave Clark and Sarah Miles
I cannot remember any May Day Celebrations, Morris Dancing or the like, how things have changed over the years. Anyway until the next episode of the History of The Happy Ballroom, take care and fingers crossed that we get some nice weather.
Andre Palfrey-Martin (c) 2015

Fairport Convention – White Rock Theatre 1997


supplied by Iain Cobby

Alan Esdaile… Don’t forget they are at St Mary In The Castle on Sat 30th May 2015. Always loved this track…

Colin Norton… This always was one of my favourite Fairport tracks!

Tony Davis… Mine too. I remember hearing it on the Island Sampler You Can All Join In. That’s also where I first heard John Martyn’s Dusty. Those70’s samplers were a great way of hearing new music.

Alan Esdaile… I got the great Island Sampler You Can All Join In but I heard this track first when groups that played Battle Memorial Hall used to cover it.

Yvonne Cleland… Aaarghhh! You keep doing this, Alan! I’d forgotten all about those dances in battle Memorial Hall! 🙂