The Happy Ballroom & more. 1st May 1965 by Andre Martin


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This is another quiet weekend in The Happy Ballroom – nothing booked to appear – perhaps because of the excitement that was caused last week with the Tom Jones Show, time will tell, the press gave the show a good write-up and I have attached with this blog, just what they said. Its Saturday 1st May 1965, and it’s not a Bank Holiday Weekend, as the May Day would not be introduced until 1978.
The weekend had started off with Ready Steady Go, and this week top of the bill was Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, also on the show was Beatrice Redding, with Cathy and Keith at the helm.
Our other main entertainment venue in the town, The Witch Doctor, was also recovering from the great Friday Night when Van Morrison & Them appeared. Saturday’s double bill would this week feature a couple of favourites in the club Christians Crusaders + The Prophets. Sunday Club The Mark Four, Records Monday to Thursday, with the local lads, and Friday night The Mystics.
BBC Radio was offering a good selection, with Saturday Club – Brian Matthews introducing –P.J.Proby, Cilla Black, The Searchers, Roger Miller, The Zombies, Sounds Incorporated and John Mayalls Bluebreakers. Later in the day Saturday swings introduced The Migil Five, Mary May The Checkmates and The Dalys. Brian Matthews was back at 4.00pm with Top Gear, and this week it was the turn of Tom Jones & The Squires, Doris Troy and The Tommy Sands Orchestra.
Sunday morning it was Easy Beat with The Rockin Berries, Lulu & The Luvvers, Wout Steenhuis and the Johnny Howard Band.
Pop music Television over the weekend would include – Thank Your Lucky Stars, with Brian Matthews and his guests – The Merseybeats, Sounds Incorporated, Cilla Black and Julie Grant. Juke Box Jury in the capable hands of David Jacobs had as his guests : Chris Andrews, Dora Bryan, Dave Clark and Sarah Miles
I cannot remember any May Day Celebrations, Morris Dancing or the like, how things have changed over the years. Anyway until the next episode of the History of The Happy Ballroom, take care and fingers crossed that we get some nice weather.
Andre Palfrey-Martin (c) 2015

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