UB40 – the passage of time, any suggestions? by Mike Curtis


UB40 play the De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 2nd Oct 2015

Mike Curtis… Talking to a friend about the forthcoming UB40 gig at the De La Warr Pavilion, I suggested that with the passage of time they ought perhaps to be renamed UB75. That got me thinking……. Updating other Bands: Caravan = Mobility Scooter  ZZ Top = ZZ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   Madness = Dementia   The Mamas and The Papas = The Grandparents   The Nice = The Grumpy   Queen = Still Queen  Yes = Probably Not
The Who – The Who?  Factory = Brownfield Site  Dr Feelgood = Dr Feelrubbish  The Rolling Stones = The Rolling Stones  Dave Clark Five = Dave Clark Two  Four Tops = One Top   Stiff Little Fingers = Flaccid Little Fingers… Just a thought………..

Mick O’Dowd… REO Speedwagon + REO a bit slower wagon. Wings= Zimmer Frames. Or perhaps to be a bit controversial, Stallion= Old Nags. Sorry fellas! Another Climax Blues Band= Impotent Blues Band. Men at Work= Redundant or retired. Cars= Mobility scooters. T.Rex= Extinct.

Peter Fairless…  Morbidly Obese Lizzy, perhaps? Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton: Crème Fraîche? Dexy’s Twilight Stroll. Eddie & The Zero Emission Hybrid MPVs

Jim Breeds… Talking Heads = Did somebody just say something? The Beach Boys = The I’ll Just Sit Up Here On The Prom And Watch Thanks Boys. CSNY = CSNO. Bruce Springsteen & The East Street Band = Bruce Wobblesteen & The East Street Nursing Home Band. The Searchers = What Did I Come Upstairs For? The Cast of Hair = The Cast.

Chris Cozens… Genesis – Revelation. 10cc – Viagra. Supertramp – Crappyrichbastard.

Phil Gill… Sham 109.  Never Mind The Botox.

Alan Esdaile… Leo Sayer = Leo Said

Terry Huggins… Mike Oldfield = Mike New Housing Estate.  Spooky Tooth = Ghostly Dentures.

Chris Sambrook… Iron Zeppelin, even heavier.

Mark Randall… Returning to original post ( nice thread BTW) UB40 = Job Seekers Allowance.

David Miller… Cat Steens = Yusuf Islam, Stallion = Stale Onion, Expandis = Contractis (or Shrinkis), The Move = The Stationary, The Breathers = Air Supply, Black Sabbath = Grey Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane = National Air and Space Museum,  Neu – Alte, The young Rascals = The Old Curmudgeons. Metallica – Rustica. Focus – Blur.

Alan Pepper… Head hands and feet – Cloth cap mittens and slippers !!
Ten years after – Fifty years later.    Thin Lizzy – Obese Liz
Jam/ Marmalade – Preserves. Electric light orchestra – Wind farm area
Sweet – Sour !!!

Yvonne Cleland… Wailers – Whisperers. Can – Can’t.  Kiss – Suck. Grateful Dead – Grateful Alive. The Jam – The Puree. Cheap Trick – One Free Go. Oasis – Puddle. Rare Earth – Old Compost. The Heptones – The Metatones. It’s a Beautiful Day – No It Isn’t. Journey – Gentle Stroll. The Smiths – Still Relevant. Television – Smartphone.

Tim Barton… Nah, oasis, scorched earth . Blur – still life. ultravox – debole voce.  deep purple – purple rinse. magazine – blog. buzzcocks – dead battery.  It Bites – where’s me dentures? INXS – in moderation, dear.  INXS – in moderation, dear. Lloyd cole & the quintessence.

Shane Wright… Blondie..-Greyhair. Sex pistols..-limp guns

Eric Cawthraw… How about; Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Crusty Ill Bashed and Old.     The Grateful Dead – The Grateful Fossils.     Egg – The Hatched.    Blodwyn Pig – Blodwyn Meat Extract.


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  1. Head hands and feet – Cloth cap mittens and slippers !!
    Ten years after – Fifty years later
    Thin Lizzy – Obese Liz
    Jam/ Marmalade – Preserves
    Electric light orchestra – Wind farm area
    Sweet – Sour !!!


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