Great Films with Great Music Soundtracks.

good tommy hazel easy train

Anyone got any favourite films to mention or recommend?

Jim Breeds… Pretty much any Quentin Tarantino film. Also Mrs Robinson and The Graduate.

Matt Thomas… Muriels Wedding, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Saturday Night Fever and Quadrophenia.

Chris Giles… Tommy. Montery Pop, Woodstock, Cream and Love Story… The original one with Ali McGraw and Ryan o Neal

John Wilde… Easy Rider. Shaft. Bladrunner. Purple Rain. Magical Mystery tour.  O Brother where art thou?

Nigel Ford… “The Decline of the Western World-The Metal years” or was it Western Civilisation-‘not sure? and of course SPINAL TAP, Summer Holiday … how about those for a contrast!

Tony Qunta… The Go Between and Thomas Crown Affair

Mick O’Dowd… Midnight Cowboy. The Blues Brothers & Blues Brothers 2000

Alan Esdaile… Privilege – Paul Jones.

Peter Fairless… Don’t you forget about… The Breakfast Club or O Brother Where Art Thou…

Eric Cawthraw… I do remember going to the pictures to see Zabriski Point. Early Pink Floyd swirling around – which particularly matched the scene towards the end where all the kitchen stuff blew up in slow motion. I seem to remember bits of chicken floating about on screen. I’ve not seen it since then – I think I’ve got it right, or was it the Mrs’ mushrooms playing me up!



Stylus Record Shop – George Street, Hastings. 1970


Anyone remember when Stylus was in George Street? Used to work here on a Saturday.

Caz Simpson… I remember it well.

Andy Qunta… Yes indeed!

Kev Towner… A tad before my time.

Darren Holmes… I only remember it being in Castle Street.

Jim Hobbs… I managed it for a year from 1976 to 1977 working for owner Bob Mckenzie.