John Martyn – Solid Air – now on iTunes


Solid Air is on iTunes right now for £4.99. A seminal album at a incredible price!

Peter Fairless… Or, can we buy it from a real record shop?

Andy Qunta… Great album! I think John Wilde did artwork on the next album, Inside Out.

Alan Esdaile… Agree.

Will Cornell… Drink destroyed this guy….he could’ve been so great. He performed at my college in the 70s and it did not go well at all. Very sad.

Jim Breeds… I might be a bit of a fan … 🙂

Mike Curtis… I remember a gig he did at The Carlisle in 74 or 75, using Stallion’s PA system. With Danny Thompson. John was pretty wasted but wonderful all the same. Miss him.

John Wilde… I did the artwork on the Inside Out album which I completed in the recording studio over four days. In the company of John, Stevie Winwood, Chris Wood from Traffic, Remi Kebaka Traffics percussionist and Danny Thompson. It was quite the experience. The ink work I did aptly reflects my state of mind. Thank you John.

Andy Qunta… And thank you, John W! Brilliant artwork you did, btw! Love that cover!

Jim Breeds… Yes, Inside Out artwork is excellent. Have always liked that John. Congratulations 🙂 Although Our Price did their best to distract from your efforts on my copy! 🙂


supplied by Jim Breeds

Alan Esdaile… I was at the Carlisle gig Mike and I thought he was great. Got an idea this was a charity gig and promoted by Alan Jensen?


Hastings Rock Music Fest – 31st May 2015

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supplied by Sarah Harvey

The schedule for the day …. times are approximate.

1.00 – The Ruffians – They will get things off to a rocking good start for sure.
2.30 – Coldshot – Good old RnB and Good time Rocking…… always a fantastic band to see and hear.
3.45 – Like A Glove – Time to get you fix of original music with an acoustic trio. Hastings Rock supports local music.
4.30 – Voice Squad Hastings – Your going to be rocking and a rolling in a pleasantly different way. Don’t miss them.
5.15 – Barbed – From AC/DC through to Led Zeppelin. These guys rock.
6.45 – The Chandeliers – Its time to finally bid goodbye to Hastings Rock for 2015 and celebrate in party style.

Tony Davis… What a great afternoon/evening of music. It has been great to be part of Hastings Rock this year. Long may it broadcast!!

Sarah Harvey… Thank you ….. each and every one of you for ending Hastings Rock 2015 in such a spectacular way at the Hastings Rock Music Fest. Thank you Coldshot, The Ruffians, Barbed, The Chandeliers, Like A Glove, Voice Squad Hastings……. thank you John Morris and Rick for working tirelessly on the stage management and PA…..thank you Jim for the barbecue…….thank you Nastassja Kaschevsky for photographing the event…….thank you all the helpers that helped out behind the scene…..thank you Stevie Beale for providing the venue…….. and if I have missed anyone else, my sincere apologies but thank you. Finally thank you Hastings Rock fans for making Hastings Rock what it is. You all give Hastings Rock the best reason it ever has for returning year after year. We Rock…… we always will! 🙂 xx

Alan Esdaile… Well done Sarah.

John Wilde… Thank you Sarah for all you do. Best wishes to everyone, it was great.