Paul Simon in Bexhill in 1964/1965 – information wanted.

Andy Gunton… Stu Huggett is writing a feature for The Stinger magazine all about Paul Simon and the gigs he played at the New Inn, Sidley and the De La Warr, Bexhill in the mid 1960’s (64/65).

if anyone has any info about those gigs, especially if you were actually at either of them, we’d love to hear from you. Any photo’s, cuttings etc would also be great to see.

The Drifters – The Catacombe Eastbourne 1966










Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin…..Just look at those prices – and I could have claimed Student Rate at the time, that would have been an even bigger bonus. I seem to recall that you could get a very late[early]train back from Eastbourne at about 1.30 am that was always very useful.

Len Smith… Catacombe great place to play but how did they manage all 3 bands& Drifters in one night on that stage!

Andy Gunton interview with Phil Gill for Hastings Rock 2015. Lots of Stallion and SMART meeting chat.

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Andy Gunton… I hope you didn’t mind me uploading it Phil, but I was talking to Alan about it yesterday & we both thought it would be a good idea

Phil Gill… No problem Andy, thanks for sharing.

Alan Esdaile… Great well done Phil & Andy. See you at the Living Museum Friday.

Herb Cochley… That was fun.

Tony Davis… Well done Phil and Andy. Nice chat. Phil I dropped a hint about a Stallion reunion by playing If Life Were Death on Hastings Rock. See you on Friday

Phil Gill… Thanks for playing it Tony.

Peter Shaw… Phil is a living Hastings Music Museum of Rock….I bought a stick of it as it had PHIL all the way through! Good solid mention of SD..!
Well done!