SMART Coffee Meet 20 – Friday 5th June 2015

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SMART COFFEE MEET 20. The next SMART coffee meet is Friday 5th June 2015 – 3.30pm at the White Rock Hotel. Please bring any photos, cuttings, records etc that would be interesting for others to see or just bring yourself. Please mention it to other like minded people. Always looking for new people to join us.

Mick O’Dowd… John Wilde has stated that he is going to attend this one to deliver my sherbert lemons. Very disappointed if he doesn’t come.

John Wilde… I am looking forward to attending. Be gentle with me, I am a smart meet virgin.

Mick Mepham… Do you mean the 15th Alan?

Alan Esdaile… Sorry Mick, we gave May a miss due to holidays and other commitments, so the next SMART meet is not until Friday 5th June 2015. Hope you can make it.

Sarah Harvey… Heard Tony Davis give a really good long piece on Hastings Rock this afternoon about SMART and the next meeting.

Mick Mepham… Thanks Al, the 5th!!! Got it now ….

John Wilde… How about a Stallion reunion at the next smart meet? Two Phils and two johns and maybe Julian? Digger?

Phil Gill… John – I’ll be there. Philip George Thornton has been known to attend and I can drag Johnny P away from his guitars for an hour or two. See you there?

John Wilde… I  will defo be there Phil. I owe Mick O dowd a bag of sherbet lemons. It would be great to see Johnny P too. Looking forward to being a smart one.

Yvonne Cleland… Have a good one x

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